Hubbel v Virtual Dynamics v FIM v Purist v Jena

Ok, so which was is the latest, greatest, best. Which is the "it" outlet:
Virtual Dynamics Cryo
Purist Audio
Jenal Labs
Ps Audio
Hubbell 8300I

Etc, Etc.

Thanks for the info and help
I can only say that the PS Audio Power Ports are amazing and wow do they grip the AC plug. You have to really grip and pull to get the AC plug loose at all!!! Totally wipes out my prior Hubbell AC plugs.
The Wattgate 381 is the Cadillac reference
I ended up using the Jena and have NO regrets/complaints, they do everything that I am told good outlets do(or more importantly don't do) blacker back ground, quieter noise floor, slightly more defined sound stage. I am VERY pleased with them.
Totally agree with Tireguy. I highly recommend Jena Labs.
I would add to the list the Audio Excellence/World Power receptacle(s), of which the cryoed 5362 is identical to the Jena Labs at half the price. For what it's worth, the Virtual Dynamics, Jena, and Purist are all cryoed Hubbells (5262 or 5362), the PS Audio is a stock Hubbell 8300 with extra nickel plating, the FIM is a Woodhead 5362 with some changes I've never been able to establish, and the Wattgate, if I was a betting man, would bet to be a Leviton 8300 with gold plating and a modified front saying it is "blue star audio grade".

FWIW, I have used the stock Hubbell 8300 and am now using the double cryoed Audio Excellence 5362's and they are, believe me, worlds apart, although the 8300 was the best standard receptacle I have used. I've had an Audio Excellence at the wall in my system for about 45-60 days (posted a review here in the review section) and just slotted a couple into my line conditioner in the past 10 days with phenomenal results. I would highly recommend them at $55 and $60 respectively. I can basically run my system off two receptacles and can honestly say that this $110 has been the best money I've ever spent and the biggest bang for the buck I've ever had in audio.
Short review to to be releast soon. Hdm has it correct. I also beleive that a cryoed outlet (done correctly, 24-48 hours @ -324) will be an improvement over the same outlet that is not cryogenically treated.
I am using pass & seymore hospital grade outlets with a 20 amp dedicated circuit. I am having a difficault time believing any of the above mentioned outlets can make that much of a difference. But if you hear it then it must be. I have read multiple threads on this subject(here and elsewhere)and still I remain skeptical. I guess it is just me.
Thanks to all for the info. Where can the Jena Labs and Worldpower/Audio Excellence outlets be purchased?
To Nathanu:

To Czbbcl, what is your associated equipment? Have you ever tried a cryogenically treated outlet as stated in my above post?
Jena labs can be purchased either direct at or through both are a pleasure to deal with and I am pretty sure will offer an in home trial.
World Power/Audioexcellence is at:

Czbbcl: For what it's worth, I doubt if there is anyone out there that could have been (and still is) more skeptical than me. I experimented extensively with standard receptacles from the big manufacturers including Pass and Seymour, Arrow Hart, Hubbell, Leviton, etc. In stock form, the Pass & Seymour are bettered by both the Arrow Hart and Hubbell in my opinion. The cryoed World Power is in another league altogether and I'm sure you would be shocked at how much better your system would sound for the money invested. Please note, though, that you will not obtain the full benefit unless you plug ALL your components into these receptacles. Replacing one outlet and plugging your other equipment into junk receptacles will give you a small idea of what these can do, but only that.
The one advantage that the Virtual Dynamics receptacles have over the others is that, not only are they cryogenically treated, but they are protected from oxidation with their ProTecX chemical treatment. I have purchased four of them and am very satisfied with their sound.

I am running a pair of Thiel 3.6's through a Conrad Johnson Premier 16lsII preamp and MF2500 power amp. I am utilizing a Sony SCD-1 with audioquest cables (Bedrock/Viper).

I admit for the cost of the equipment the outlets are not a big expense (I need two) and I probably should just experiment and see what happens. I have never tried anything else other than the Pass & Seymore hospital grades. I did, however, feel that the dedicated 20 amp circuit with the hospital grade outlets improve the sound.

Hdm I notice while perusing the worldpower site that they offer a couple of different models of cryoed recepticles. I was wondering why you picked the one you did?
Czbbcl: My system is budget solid-state (no tubes) and I listen in a fairly small room in the near field. According to Alan at World Power, the cryoed 8300 is a little bit more "immediate" sounding and moves you a bit closer to the performance than the 5362. The differences are supposed to be subtle. It's really a matter of preference, but I prefer a more "mid hall" kind of presentation, something a bit more laid back, and felt that the 5362 would be the better choice for me and my system.
Czbbcl, Nice looking system you have there! There is no doubt in my mind that if you tried any of the cryogenically treated outlets you would hear an improvement in your current system along the line as when you installed to the two dedicated power lines. If you have not done so yet read:
The Fim are the worst ever...Jena is without exception the best. I have tried all the ones you have mentioned.
Ttathompaolcom is probably making things up a bit. Even without doing an a/b comparison, the PS Audio PP is likely to be inferior to the FIM if for no other reason than the 15 coats of nickel PS audio pours on.

Nickel is a very poor conductor.

Isn't the nickle plating supposed to avoid oxidation or corrosion, which is why the hospital grade Hubbell (8300) has it while the non-hospital grade Hubbell (5362) does not? I understand that the Audio Excellence/Worldpower 8300 is nickle plated.

Does anyone have experience with Acme Audio Labs. I believe their outlets are silver plated over brass and cryo treated. Does the silver plating add favorable sonic characteristics?
It was reported that on some systems the Acme is bright. I suppose that everything is system dependent.
and also dependent upon taste. I am using the Acme outlets and would not describe them as bright; I would describe them as energetic, quiet, and they are definitely highly resolving. Have not tried any others as these suit my tastes just fine and who wants to swap outlets on a regular basis. I would perhaps try others at some point out of curiosity or in response to someone's recommendation. BTW, I use the cryo treated 15-amp version of the Acme. The Acme's definitely provided an immediately apparent and truly significant upgrade for me. I would recommend anyone just entering the power upgrade market to do the outlet upgrade prior to auditioning power cords.
I have not heard every outlet but do have the FIMs and am very happy with them. I also have dedicated power lines through an equi-tech balanced wall panel. There is a point where distinguishing between these outlets becomes a little difficult when you have clean dedicated power coming to your system. I think characterizing the FIMs as the worst is hyperbole at best. These are quality products, which are highly regarded by both professionals and end users which may suit some peoples taste and not others.
Thank you Ttathompaocom for your post. I now have another poster that I will put on my list, a list of those who will not waste my time to read posts with nothing of value to offer. Again, thank you very much.
I also think the Jena to be very good. Sorry I wasted my time responding. Sorry you did the same.
I lke the ACMEs too. I don't really like the idea of changing my system's frequency response at the AC outlet! I'd much rather do it right with speaker positioning, room acoustics, and even cables and ICs. The P&S $4 duplex that gets silvered by ACME is a winner in its NEUTRALITY and quietness.
Lak, Cryo at 408 hrs?
I was going to buy a liquid nitrogen cannister/squiter like the dermatologists use, and start squirt-frezing all my contacts and connectors. Are you sure this isn't sufficient?
I would think that the deep freeze occurs mighty quickly? I once had a wart removed from my...nevermind.
I am really interested (tongue punctures cheek) in finding out about having a home cryo unit. The wart alternative use would be great. Kinda of a cottage industry for the neighbors as well. Good a/v and wart removal in one sitting.
They only cost $10,000 for the lesser expensive ones :-)
I think these 2 for the money are the best cryoed wall outlets. I have not tryed any just been reading here at audiogon. Has anyone auditioned these two and picked a winner. I will be buying some soon and am leaning toward the
Virtual Dynamics.
Thank You, for your help
sorry I changed the heading to Virtual Dynamics vrs the world power outlet and i thought it would take but it did not.
The 2 I an refering to is the World Power/Audioexcellence vrs the Virtual Dynamics cryo treated wall outlets. I changed the heading but it did not take sorry
I own World Power/Audioexcellence and Virtual Dynamics outlets. They are both good.