Silver Breeze or Purist Audio Venustas phono cable

Hi: Looking for opinions on these two phono cables. If someone has actually compared both that would be great. I know the Purist is a lot more $$ but the Silver Breeze gets great reviews. I can't audition either. I only want to do this once (for now!) and while cost is important, I don't want to aim too low. Thanks for your opinions.
I have owned both and the PA is much better. The SA is nice for the money but you get what you pay for! I finally stopped and ended my quest with the Nordost TYR. IMHO the best of the three.
@ Zenieth,

What did you find that the Tyr does better than the Silver Breeze? The Silver Breeze is a great cable and is leagues above many other cables out there. I am debating a higher quality interconnect between the phono amp to preamp. I am using pure silver Neotech with WBT's.

Why don't you A-B them? Albert Porter can probably get you a Venustas; and Max will let you audition a Silver Breeze for a month or so.

They are certainly two outstanding choices. I was just about to audition the Silver Breeze, but went to CES that year and Jim Aud (of Purist) gave me a deal I just couldn't refuse ;--)

Audioquest4life, After decades of making 'cable stew' (mixing and matching ;--) I've become a strong proponent of cable synergy: using the same brand and model of cable throughout a system. I have my reasons/theories, but since you're already using a SB tonearm cable, you might want to audition a pair of SB interconnects between the phono preamp and preamp. Nowhere else in a system will 'cable synergy' reveal its benefits as in the phono chain. As a matter of fact, the second Purist cable I bought, was a pair of RCA Venustas to go from the phono preamp to the preamp. You may not come to the same conclusion as I, but you should definitely try it if you can get some loaners (like from the Cable Company.)

BTW, auditioning 'loaners' from dealers or manufacturers is always a good idea, even if you're eventually planning to buy new, because loaners are (we assume) already burned in a bit; and will sound closer to the way your new ones will after some use.