A hated question - Purist 20th Anniversay and the Cardas Clear Rev 1 interconnects

........I like them both in my set up ; Esoteric cd, amp and per-amp  / Sonus Faber Olympica III's / Silver Circle 5.0 SE  conditioner / Purist Audio 20th Anniversary cabling - interconnects and Limited Edition power cords  / Cardas Clear Beyond Speaker cables. I added a Cardas Clear Rev 1 interconnect from the Esoteric K-03x to the pre-amp. I liked the way it sounds  - clear ( ha ) focused and improved rhythm and pace.......added a nice warm sound. The Cardas was what $2,500 ...and the PAD 20th Anniversary retailed at $8,000. Okay why am I nuts here ...and any thoughts to those who have listened. I might ...might I say add another Cards between the amp and pre-amp. I borrowed one from the Cable Company and I am telling you the Cardas are very honest almost ruthless to the source. The last time I heard that was from Nordost  - but the Cardas is just that , but adds a nice touch and I mean a touch of warmth.         
Hello garebear
I have the Esoteric K-o3x and the Esoteric C-o3x, useing Transparent Ref. XL  MM2  Balanced cables and i like them a lot. I think they are a shade warm and detailed.
enjoy Pete 

I like the Cardas Clear line of cables over the older Golden Cross design. I auditioned the Clear and Clear Light and they presented a truer sound from the source. These are extended with detail, and I agree, a touch of warmth.
Garebear, keep them both if you can swing it.  Because if you are like me and I suspect a lot of audiophiles switching things around on occasion is not only interesting but could possibly save you $$$ in the long run keeping audio nervosa in check. It also takes more than 10 days of audition to really to get to know how something really works in your own system, for me at least.
Thank you Pete and lowrider but I am not interested in changing cables as I am happy with the Purist and Cardas and wanted to see if anybody has also listened to just these two cables. The other issues is that Cardas will be coming out with the Clear Beyond interconnect at some point and wondering if I should wait until then ....as those speakers cables are really good in my system.
Garebear I was going thru my files and the 20th Anniversary cable was back in 2008! In 2011 they came out with the 25th Anniversary cable. Hope you didn't actual buy it at retail. We had always give at least a 30% discount on any PAD cable and yes still expensive. We also had a few Limited Edition ac cords but from what I recall liked the Canorus better in most applications. Still the LE cord was a wonderful sounding ac cable.
Thanks! for sharing- Gary.
we all love cables here, as it makes a difference, in any system!

Happy Listening!

Thanks pops ...I own both of them now and they are in my system. I was just scratching my hear as the Cardas Clear Rev 1 DID replace a Purist Audio 20th Anniversary cable. I also agree with SKOS and this is in no way any refection against Jim / PAD that cables for some companies do have a considerable mark up - primarily due to cost of research and materials. I do however find it very interesting that Cardas does make their own products and materials in which the scale of economics is much more in their favor  - which does have a direct influence on the end cost. I have already traded in one pair of  PAD 20th Anniversary's towards the Cardas Rev 1 - and can't see doing it again due to the difference I price and also as I had mentioned that Cardas will be coming out with a Clear Beyond Interconnect which will ahead of the Clear Rev 1 in their product line ...... once it does come to system matching and price does not always reflect performance at least at the price point I am working in ..... so if anybody else has compared these two cables let me know.

Also SKOS - the Canorus  Power Cord which just a re-labeled 20th Anniversary but none the less, I think an incredible power cord for the money. I have one from the wall to my Silver Circle 5.0SE line conditioner. Great power cord  

Cardas was the kiss of death in my system....tried many of their offerings because they were recommended by my electronics (Ayre)...never worked well.
Hello Stringreen - so you listened to the Cardas  Rev 1 and the PAD 20th Anniversary cables and compared them ??? Right ???...otherwise this is your 32nd post on how much you hate Cardas and love Wireworld .... just checking
Garebear...I had every Cardas cable in my system...also had 2 or 3 top Purist models (don't remember).....anyway, I feel that these posted questions are posted for opinion as to my experiences.  I gave mine.  If there is anyone that doesn't feel that they want to listen to my experiences, they can just move right along. ..just to add to my post above...In MY system,  both Cardas and Purist are too colored for ME. By the way... although I have had top of the line Wireworld in my system, I use something else.
Thanks Stringreen....but have you listened to the Cardas Rev 1 ???.....as that is one of the most neutral cables I have ever had in my system. I realize that is  very general statement with no merit .....but if you have actually listened to the Rev 1 and still can say it is colored ??  I am at a loss for words ..... but thank you for your opinion as I am still gathering my thoughts. 
Well looks like Stringeen just had another ''opinion'' Cardas  ......I guess that he really hasn't listened to them all.  
Garebear....why would you seek my opinion??   Get the cables and listen for yourself.  I find that all cables sound different in different systems.  I imagine that you don't have the components (or ears) that I have.

Hello Stringeen .....thank you for your up date and that's my point exactly - I do don't value or seek your comment ( although it is an open forum respectfully ) as you have never explained yourself clearly. If you look, my system is listed ....and I do  have both cables if you read my post. I was looking for someone who has actually listened to these specific cables and could comment  - as opposed to your typical broad brush comments that Cardas sucks. Good for you for having the best and hearing the best among all of. Enjoy the music is what it is all about

ps  - I actually worked in a recoding studio once ...shhhhhh don't tell anybody  


Garebear...your ps is there to impress, but doesn’t impress me. If you actually do the recording, or sweep the floors in the studio, we might have met when recording my performances.

Hello Stringreen - thank you for the update and not all that concerned about impressing you ...not really sure where that is coming from. Hmmmmm, anyway also good to know that you do have the ability to have a conversation without bashing Cardas ....see I knew that you could do it.....and good for you on your recordings as we are all her for the love of music and doubt that we have meet.  

ps  - you still have not answered my question if you have actually listened to the Cardas Rev 1 interconnect......that's all I have asked. You stated you have listened to them all .... but maybe you haven't. I would be interested in what your ears have heard ....I told what mine was       

Garebear....all can tell you is how I hear Cardas cables in MY system.  The Cable Co. sent me a number of Cadas cables...and with the Ayre/Cardas I ownded, I could audition all permutations of Cardas.   They ALL had a Cardas sound....most of them were dramatically colored, but they all had a somewhat grainy sound that came through my speakers with too much annoyance..  I am a pro violinist, and playing back  recorded violins....  my own and others..(more noticeable on massed strings)...I had to remove the cables from my system.  I spoke at length to Coleen Cardas who told me that they just needed more break-in time, but after a month of waiting, nothing improved in that regard.  I found this somewhat odd since Ayre recommended your very model Cardas to me.  Maybe its my speaker (Vandersteen 5A), or my power grid, but Cardas is not for me.  ...to be quite open...I have Sennheiser earphones that I was able to wire in balanced configuration with Cardas cable, and the problem I experienced with the interconnects, power cords, and speaker cables, did not raise its ugly head.  Regarding Purist cables....  I found their midrange to be magical...lots and lots of depth, air, separation, etc....but it was similar to turning up the color control on the tv....just too much...not real...but quite gorgeous.  I would imagine its what life would be like on some drugs...but I was looking for a more natural sound.
This is easy:  Purist Audio Design Venustas Luminist Revision!  Awesome!  :-)
Garebear I switched to all Cardas clear rev1...fully differential setup and speaker cables....made a huge improvement.
running magnepan 20.7s ..Bryson 28sst2 monos and lumin and berkley digital.....many preamps...lol
noticed the same improvement as you by switching,very good value for the money....
Thanks for the heads up Gary.
Like stringreen, I found older Cardas cables too warm and veiled for my tastes (Golden Reference).
I haven't had a chance to listen to the newer Clear series though. I'll have to give Cardas another listen someday.
......maybe for you it is herndonb - but I wasn't asking about the Purist
Hello Stringreen - now we are on the same page. The system is / was all PAD 20th Anniversary cables  - except the speaker cables  which were PAD Proteus Provectus. I wanted to upgrade them to the PAD Dominus and it would have cost me about $8,000 plus mine ......wait a minute I thought. I listened to the Cardas Clear Beyond Speakers cables and they seemed to fit right in and they are not cheap for the 2.5 meter length they were about $9,000 or so. I liked them ...and then wen for the Cardas Rev 1 interconnects and they seemed to open the system up and moved the needsle to a more neutral middle ground...and as note they are not like the older Cardas cables. So that cable replaced the PAD 20th Anniversary and the difference in price is significant. That one went from my Esoteric player to the Esoteric pre-amp and it create a nice sound ......but when I went an borrowed a Rev 1 from The Cable Company and put that interconnect between the Esoteric pre- amp and my Esoteric amp -  ( 50 watts clas A - a beast of an amp ) .....the sound id get more grainy with a shrill edging and lost that magic. I was very surprised - so that's why I was asking if you had auditioned the Cardas Rev1 and found that a whole lot of them can push a system to where it so neutral / so revealing - like a Nordost ( and not a criticism ) where it does loose than feeling.