How to tell which version of Squeezebox I bought?

I need a little help in identifying which version of the Logitech Squeezebox I just purchased from another website.
it has M/N C-RH62 on the label. How do I tell if I have Squeezebox classic, Squeezebox 2, or Squeezebox 3? Thanks for any help you can provide. I want to upgrade the power supply and need to select the correct one for this model.
Why don't you contact the manufacturer?Just a thought.
If you've installed the Squeezebox's server software, point your browser to the server and go to Settings -> Player, and look at the Player Information toward the bottom. It will tell you the version of the Squeezebox, the firmware version, MAC address, etc.

Thanks Michael. I will try that.
The Squeezebox 3 (SB3) and the Classic are the same unit. The Squeezebox 2 (SB2) is a physically different looking unit than the SB3 and was only produced for about 6 months. Chances are that you have a SB3.