How to clean the exterior of an amp?

I was wondering if anyone can suggest a safe and effective way to clean the exterior of an amplifier. I recently bought a used Aragon amp which looks really old. Is there any way to get the look of a new amplifier. Thanks.
What do you think is on amps exterior that you are tempted in trying to clean off?
If you are talking of dirt and grundge - I use WD40, a small cloth and elbow grease. Do not spray on, wipe on & off. I use this on stainless steel and aluminum - not painted surfaces.
I have chrome finished amps so I can use Brasso (put onto cloth & never directly onto amp). Some elbow grease & the thing shines!
Previously for matt finished amps, I used a damp cloth for simple finger prints, 71% alcohol for greasier marks. Then to finish off, a bit of Pledge on the face plate & 1-2" on the top panel & side panels! Yields a high-gloss finish. Of course, use Pledge sparingly & again put onto cloth & never on amp directly. Avoid the heat fins, vent slots & the rear panel.
I use the rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth as per Levinson gear manuals. It seems to work great and leaves no residue.
Ordinary window cleaner with ammonia works well. Splurge for Windex!

To actually polish chromed or painted surfaces use a clearcoat-safe car wax like Meguiar's Cleaner/Wax. Avoid grit-bearing cleaners like Brasso and silver polish unless you're in a hurry to see the metal underneath the finish.

For the most stubborn rust spots or when all else fails use 0000 steel wool and chase it with a coat of wax.

If you rub so hard a genie appears, wish for a new component!
With an Accuphase C-200 that I got that is a bit grimy and dirty I tried using 91% Isopryl Alcohol on the front face and knobs. It did get the dirt out but there was a haze left over when I was cleaning. I would put the Alcohol onto a cotton pad and rub away. I might try some of the methods mentioned above. Anyone else have any hints on cleaning vintage gear?
Try some GooGone from Loew's or some other hardware store. It's citrus based and is great for all kinds of metal surfaces.
Use windex. On anything except newer Cambridge Audio.