How much to spend on a decently good phono stage?

I've gotten some feedback (and read comments elsewhere too) that suggests that the sub-$500 phono stages leave something to be desired. For a system with fairly high end components (Pass/ARC/Cary/B&W) but with a modestly priced turntable (say $1000) how much should a person spend on a phono stage?

I've learned that some you really prefer specifics, so let me just throw a few models out there at different price points for your recommendations.

1. $400 (Pro-Ject Debut Carbon)
2. $900-1000 (Rega RP3)
3. $1500-2000 (ClearAudio Concept / Rega RP6 / VPI Traveler)
The phono stage is usually the weakest link in the analogue chain. If you've got a reasonably decent cartridge then the answer is "as much as you can afford", because the sound will only be as good as the phono stage regardless of how good a cartridge you have.

Generally you can get more bang for your buck looking at SS phono stages, but IMO the real magic comes from a good tubed phono stage (but they tend to cost more).
$1749 is all you need to spend :-)

Liberty B2B-1, from its maker

Good Listening

An Allnic H-1200(tube) or a Linn Linto(ss)is a good starting point for a serious phono stage. $1K will get you a minty one on the used market.
Abrew, All items on your list seem to be turntables, not phono stages.
I agree with both Pbn and Dayglow on their suggested phono stages, however. Buying used and for around $1000, you might also consider any of many other excellent products. What one would need to know is whether you plan to use low output cartridges or typical MM and MI cartridges that have a much higher output voltage. Phono stages suitable for the latter group are less expensive. You can add a SUT if you later decide to go for low output.
Abrew, If you look at the files from MFremer's phono shootout, it seems to me about 1000 to 2000 is the sort of price. The Lehman in that test was amazing, compared very favourably to the Ypsilon (with a better TT arm and cartridge), I also think a 2nd hand Moon lp 5.3RS is a brilliant phono stage, which should be in that price range. Currently one in the classifieds.
Jasmine LP 2 mkII - under $600. Beat out the Vincent 2 boxer and the Pro-ject phono tube box. See my threads and system page.
IMHO,I think the phono preamp is the most important component in the chain! That being said,you should get a nice tube unit! Check out the Croft Acoustics RIAA,at $995 it looks like a real winner!