Spendor S8e - Audio Physic Tempo-4

Looking for speakers for a second system. Current components include Cary SLI 80-F1 and an Einstein, The Last Record Player-CDP. My room is 20X15 and I listen mostly to jazz. Most of my listening is done late at night, so I don't get the chance to crank it up very often, bit if the situation presents itself I do like twist the dial! Thanks in advance for any and all imput.
The members think I'm going to fall for the bait.
HA!! I fooled ya
Well, I finally figured it out.

"Bartok Fan" likes "Bluebeard's Castle" (a very dark Opera by Bartok) and the poster "It's all Dark" is a fan too.

"Bartok fan" does not want to post about equipment until the argument is settled about which production company did the best job with the Opera.


(Otherwise I haven't a clue as to what is going on).
Albertporter: Otherwise I haven't a clue as to what is going on.

I think Bartokfan means that people are expecting him to trash the Spendors and recommend Tylers instead, and for once he's going to shock the hell out of us by not doing so. :)
Mystery unraveled !

My sincere thanks to Aktchi.