Suggestion on spending 3500

If you have $3,500 to spend on a CD-Player (Redbook or SACD), and a Volume Control (no PreAmp, have to go direct from Source to Amp) what would you buy? The rest of the gear consist of a Jeff Rowland Model 10 and a pair of Revel Salons.

Audio Aero Capitole used
ditto above
Levinson M39 (used), but then I haven't heard the Aero Capitole mentioned above-- seems like it's getting a lot of favorable recommendations lately. Good Luck. Craig
Kind of in the Garfish camp--a 36 and 37 with a Genesis digital lens. The lens might put you over $3500--but you can get it later, but I haven't heard the Aero Capitle either--sounds like I need to.
CARY 306/200 (used)
For your volume control consider a Canary Island VPC-1. It will only take $250 of the $3500.
I"ve had one in my system for less than a month. Wouldn't recommend it if I were unhappy.