How many system makeovers to get to where u r now?

Because I have only limited experience, I couldn't say with certainty that what I own is the best out there. But those with plenty of system makeovers can shed some light for us newbies and not so newbies.
How many speakers came and went before you have found the one that satisfies and most likely will stick.
This can apply to amps and preamps as well, and sources for that matter.
Speakers- 6 prs since 1971.
CDPs- 5 since 1995 (late adopter).
TT- 5 since 1971.
2 channel rcvrs- 2 btwn 1971 & 1976
Amps- 7 btwn 1976 and 2007
Pre-amps- 8 btwn 1976 & 2007
Integrated 1 2008
Speakers, 11 pair.
Amplifiers, 22 pair.
CD players, 15 that I can remember, probably more.
Turntables, 21 at least.
Pre-amps, 11, and at least that many phono stages in addition.

These are products I purchased. I've had tens of dozens of other pieces of equipment for evaluation that failed to convince me to buy after testing.
Since 1979, in my main listening system:

Speakers: 6 pair (latest Opera Platea - 1 year ago)
Amplifiers: 4 (latest Prima Luna Prologue 5 - 3 years ago)
Preamplifiers: 2 (latest Musical Fidelity CD Pre 24 - 4 years ago)
Receivers: 1 (Pioneer 636 - not used since 1990)
CD players: 4 (latest SONY SCD 555 ES SACD - 6 years ago)

My other systems are another story. I experiment quite a bit. For example in my 2 channel HT system, since 1999

Speakers: 6 pair (latest NHT Classic 2 - yesterday)
Amplifiers/Receivers: 5 (Prima Luna Prologue 2 - 3 years ago)
CD player: 4 (Rega Apollo - 1 year ago)
DVD players 2 (SONY GX300 - 3 years ago)


In the last 5 years (not counting HT changes)-

8+ amps (now Meridian pre - amps in speakers)
12+ floorstamding speakers - many bookshelf (now Meridian DSP-5000)
3 CDP's (now mac mini+DAC)

I'm pretty happy with the Meridian system, it does more things right than other equipment I've had
this question is a bit a bit like asking addicts how many different drugs they've tried to get to the ultimate high. the answer is way too many, and the ultimate rush is generally always with the next score.
Speakers, 12 pair about half commercial built, half built by me
Amplifiers, 14 mixed mono's, stereo, receivers
CD players, 9 plus not counted about 3 DAC's
Turntables, 3
Pre-amps, 11, some with built in phono, some with externalsÂ…
Different Rooms, about 5 or 6
Cables, forget about it! Many hand made, many that were way too much money!
All this since about 1994
And about 4 systems dabbled in surround sound and combination of surround and stereo so tack on some more crap that adds up that I will not even count at this point!
Speakers- 4 prs since 1980.
(And one set of 5.1 HT speakers)

CDPs- 5 since 1990.
(I still have 4 of these, as one is my main cdp, one is my SACD player, albeit very, very rarely used, and one is my cd recorder. The last one (my first cdp) is still in use as my cdp in a bedroom system.)

TT- 4 since 1980.

Tonearms - 5 since 1980

Cartridges - 8 since 1980

Receivers - 2 since 1980
(And one 7.1 HT receiver)

Amps- 4 since 1987

Pre-amps- 3 since 1988
(Plus one phono preamp)

Compared to the rest of the respondents, I can see I hold onto my equipment longer. (Perhaps I should show this thread to my wife! Maybe she'll allow me to make more changes to keep up with the rest of you!)
Ooops- forgot
Phono stages/head-amps- 5

Jaybo- LOL
I too have a long ways to go!
Maybe I should have phrased the post differently, did anyone discover a component that will not get replaced?
Starting May last year,

Wharfedale 9.5's
Wharedale EVO2 30's
Monitor Audio RS6's
Dynaudio 72SE's
Image Studio Ref HD's
Dynaudio S1.4's Which I love and are keepers until I can afford C1's.
where i am is better then where i've been but where i'm going i believe is better still!

And so it goes...
Since 1975:
8 speakers pairs
4 int. amps
2 power amps
5 receivers
4 turntables

Acquired probably 4 times the above amount just to have, not to upgrade.
10 major/significant phases to my system since I was a teenager in the early 70's. My first stereo technically was a Magnavox stereo phonograph with ceramic cartridge back in the 60's when i was a kid.

First real component system in 1977. This consisted of Lafayette Criterion integrated amp and tuner, tt, and speakers that used the ESS Heil air motion transformer tweeters which I used to fry quite often.

The most consistent mainstay in my system has been Ohm Acoustics speakers. I acquired a pair of Ohm L's in 1978 and still run these (recently refurbished and custom upgraded). I currently own 3 separate pair of Ohms along with a pair of Dynaudios, a pair of Triangles, and a pair of Realistic minimus 7s.

I'd estimate 4-5 times as many actual component changes have occured along the way, but whose counting?
although i have owned a number of amps, preamps, cable products, cd players, turntables,arms and cartridges and cd players, i can say that my first stereo system, 42 years ago could have lasted 42 years, if not for repair problems. it was my favorite system, and to this day, i have not heard a stereo system that i prefer.

turn back the closk to 1966.
Hi Mr.T, I will be the first to ask...What did that system consist of? Also what made it so special and why not recreate it today?