Hissing sound on Hydra 2

Hi, just like to know does anybody encountered a hissing sound on the hydra 2 ?

The sound is not loud but if u listened very carefully during the night, u will notice that. U can try to go near to the unit & listened for yourself.

I try to move the cable & unit & it's gone. I don't know what causes it & does it happened on hydra 4 & above ?
I have a original Hydra and a Hydra 2, and the only hissing I get is from my Powersnakes. :-)

Seriously, mine are dead quiet. It sounds like there is a problem with your Hydra 2.

My Hydra 2s are also dead quiet.
Both my Hydra 2 units are quiet. Looks like you have a problem with yours. Contact Shunyata, see what they say...
Very weird, the sound gone. Let me see will it come back again.
r u sure it was coming from hydra? could it be coming from your transport when the disc was spinning?


This does happen occasionally during periods of high-levels of noise on the line. The barely-audible buzz you hear is the sound of the filter network as it deals with incoming noise. Once noise levels are back to normal or below, the filter ceases to make the noise. There is no inherent problem with this, rather it is a sign that the product is doing what it is intended for.

This slight buzzing is usually not apparent unless one puts their ear near the unit during its activity cycle. My unit does the same thing, occasionally.

Hope this helps.

Shunyata Research
Thanks Samuel, I think u are right. Its is not audible only if you listened very closely to the unit.

Its just come & gone occasionally.

By the way, can I check with u if u don't mind :
As what u said Shunyata do import the copper as solid ingots of CDA 101 certified copper. Does that meant that
treatment of the raw material ( copper ) is not done in Shunyata ?