Shunyata Hydra 4 vs PS Audio UPC 200

Which one ?

My system:
Arcam CD33
Arcam A90/P85 -biamping
speakers: PMC GB1

Thanks for your suggestion !
Honestly, Grisselhamn, you have to try them both in your own system to know, because there is no one right answer. I'd suggest buying a used version of both and comparing.
I have not used the PS audio but I have a Hydra 4 and use it with an Arcam CD33. Of all of the audio that I have tried the Hydra has made the biggest improvement in my system, especially with the CD player. It is much more musical, the sound stage depth is much deeper. It is cool to hear instuments comming from 3feet behind the speakers. I also hear notes and subtle instruments that I cannot hear when I remove the Hydra.
I am running a PS Audio UPC and it works well. Though I am saving up for an ExactPower or maybe a BPT. I dont think you will go wrong with either the PSAudio or the Shunyata. But dont expect miracles, that is, unless your power is rather dirty.

If your A/C is clean, I would recommend trying your power Amps direct from the wall and your Preamp and Source from the Power Conditioner/Surge Protector. That is how my system sounds best.
I have a Hydra 4 with a Jolida cdp connected to it. It definitely improves sonics, however I have never compared it to any other plc. Your best bet is to try both plc's in your system and decide for yourself. It's very hard to make suggestions between 2 plc's unless you've compared them in your system.
Thanks guys !
Btw what kind of feets do you have under your CD33 Davt ?
Here's a review that may help - although it covers the Ultimate Outlet and Hydra2 and not the UPC vs Hydra4.
Grisslehamn, I have a Billy Bags Pro1.5 rack. I do not have any isolation under the Arcam at this point, other that the stock feet. I may try a set of Still points without the riser attachments but have to spread my funds out a bit as I am looking to upgrade my TT and considering new speakers.
I just read the Hydra vs. UO comparison for which Brb9 provided a link in his post above, and the review confirms my opinion that these devices work differently from system to system, and the only way to make a determination for one's own system is to personally hear them.

The reviewer makes the following comment regarding the Hydra 2:
The Hydra had another effect that was noticeable, but whether it is positive or negative will be wholly dependent on your system and tastes. Yes, it removed a lot of noise from the system, but also gave a small reduction in upper-frequency sparkle and air and a small loss of leading edge definition in the upper midrange and treble.

Ironically, this is exactly the opposite of my observations with the Hydra 2, and in fact these comments are almost a perfect description of the sonic characteristics of the Ultimate Outlet in my system.

Your experience will almost certainly vary, and the reviewer ends his comparison with essentially the same disclaimer. So, buy one of each used...listen to them for yourself...and keep the one that works best to your personal taste.

Are there other brands i should consider ?
I have 2 Hydra2 units. One for transport and dac another for amp and pre-amp. There was a noticable improvement when I incorporaterd the 2 Hydras into my system. YOu have consider the fact that I live in NYC in apartment building where power is $h1t. So, if you have cleaner power, your experience may vary. As a matter of fact, why don't you contact musicdirect and have them send you both the PS Audio and the Shunyata so you can compare in your own system! Then you will know whether or not this is what you need or if so, which 1 worked best. They have 30 days and you can send both back to them and seek a used unit if you think it's worth the price and time. Hydra4 are rarely sold used. You have to be lucky to get one sometimes.