Power Plant Premier vs. Hydra V-Ray Comparison

I want to buy a power conditioning system and I would like to understand which would be a better performer - the PS Audio Plant Premier or the Shunyata Research Hydra V-Ray. As they take a very different approach to solving the same problem it is hard to understand which will have a better result. Anyone had real experience comparing these two?
I have not tried the Hydra V-Ray.
I have the PS Audio Power Plant Premier and it works very well. Very dynamic, black backgrounds, transparency is great, all the detail and texture is there. The unit is very rugged and very well built. I had to give it at least 300-400 hours before it opened up. Sounds kind of dry at first before break in. It was worth the wait... Also, I think the P3 is much cheaper than the Hydra.
I am trying a V-ray for 2 days and compare it to PS PPP which has already been with my system for a while. My first observations regarding V-ray vs PPP is, I prefer to keep PPP and turn V-ray back to the dealer. I am not so sure if V-ray requires a long burn in time. By the way, I prefer Shunyata power cords to PS Audio and have Anaconda VX for my cd player and Anaconda Helix for my preamp and power amps.
You should test each component individually with both units. I have found the Premier generally improves things but specific components could prove to be an exception.
For you PS Audio Premier users, any issue with the fan turning on? My friend has one and the fan is pretty loud.
I don't think my fan has ever gone on but my total load is problem < 400 watts. Never noticed any heat to speak of unlike the P300 which could probably cook bacon.
No fan noise at all on my PPP. Mine is silent all the time. And I have my entire system connected! I heard PS Audio has a replacement for the noisy fan and fixes the problem for free. Contact PS Audio directly.
I need to make a correction for my previous comment regarding PPP vs Vray. I dont how it changed its performance whether it is the power cord connection to the main a/c plug or the unit itself, but the character changed drastically after 20 hours of playing and Vray has got all the synergy and musical aspects much more efficient than PS PPP. PPP when compared to Vray, seems to overkill some frequencies so it is more aggressive and forward and creates some listening fatigue. Both units are having a black and silent background, however vray's soundstage realization is one step ahead of PPP. Vray is having a more effortless way of playing the music without sacrifising the dynamics. The tonal palette is acoustically more consistent and neutral. Of course these are my and some of my friends -who listened the both of them- observations and related to my setup. It might be different for another audio setup. In my setup, vray replaced PPP, and PPP is for on its way to a different setup of one my friends.
I use the Shunyata Hydra-8 and love what it has done for my system.That being said, the hydra took a very long time to break in [750 to 800 hrs. use], but the rewards for ones patience will be justifed...
The one major problem with the PPP and all PS Audio conditioners/regenerators is that they insist on using 15 layers of nickel on the outlets, which as we all know is horrid and causes an ear piercing shrill top end, particularly if your system is not dark to begin with. If you can replace the PPP sockets with Furutech gold or rhodium I'm sure that would be an amazing and cost effective upgrade.