Shunyata Hydra or PS-600 PS audio ????

Did somebody both tried the Shunyata Hydra & PS-600 (PS audio)???? Which one has the best results for most high-end systems ??
PS Audio 600. No question.
The PS Audio still constricts dynamics and makes the presentation somewhat sluggish whereas the Hydra does not appear to based on my observations(albeit limited).

The only potential source that may know are the reviewers. I try to note the associated equipment that reviewers use and well over 50% use the PS. The Hydra being new may limit it's use, but I know of no reviewer using it on there personal system. J.D.
Yes Jade, it is a new product and the company is just now getting up to full speed production. There will be a review of the Hydra coming up in the next issue or so, of SoundStage complete with comparisons, as well as a review upcoming in Ultimate Audio Magazine. Reviewers at large do not yet have access to them because the company is fullfilling a back log of orders to consumers that ordered them before they were even a reality.

I reviewed the original line of power cords from PowerSnakes and have been involved in the Beta testing process for Hydra, so it would be unfair of me to comment on comparisons to other companies products. I do however think it would be unwise to make ANY power-line purchase without first conducting in home comparisons with competively priced units.
I just want to know if Ken is refering to the results from the PS600, as being dynamically constricted and sluggish, while the amp(s) are plugged into it or not???. I have a PS300 that has absolutely non of this! I can, however, immagin running into concerns with any of these powerplant (performance wise) if you are trying to drive an amp with them! I think your probably better off just plugging sources and what not into em....
Samuel, will you be doing the review?
I had my turntable, phono stage and preamp outboard power supply units plugged into the PS Audio.No amps.It should be noted that I place heavy value on speed,note shaping and transients.
btw-I believe that Bill Cowen from Soundstage has(or had)a Hydra in his system for an extended time period.Dunno if he will be doing the formal review tho.
Yes, I believe Bill's doing the review, I no longer write for SS. I believe Myles will be handling the review for Ultimate.
Hi Guys,
Thanks for all your replies so far.