Help with FedEx claim......What would YOU do?

I sold an amp that had a purchase price of $3,000.
Went to FedEx, filed out the ground form, indicated $3,000 declared value, paid, got my receipt, off I went.

The unit arrived, TRASHED, complete original double boxes, bolted to a piece of plywood, yet somehow the unit was destroyed!!

After 4 months, FedEx decided to pay the claim. They did, but paid $2,000. Even though I indicated $3,000 declared value, the person taking the package only charged me for $2,000 insurance, FedEx is taking the side that:

"you only paid for $2,000, this is all we are paying"

which seems illegal. Has anyone come across such luck that I have been blessed? What was the outcome.

Thoughts or views also welcome.

What should I do? They have admited fault by paying the claim. Is it the shippers resposibility to VERIFY their employees work?

Dude: What does it say on your receipt?
Surly you looked at it before you walked away from the FedEx desk.
If it says "Insured for $3000", get a lawyer.
I agree with Dweller. If you are nearby, try going to your local court house and filing a suit in small claims court. Then forward the paperwork to Fed Ex. It is not your fault that you were charged the incorrect amount. You filled out the appropriate paperwork and paid the amount that you were asked to. It is THEIR bag to carry courtesy of their inept employees. Sean
Dan, I had a problem with UPS and I simply filed suit in my local small claims court. Cost 27.00 including serving. They paid the claim one day before the court date.
If your receipt says that the insurance was for 3k then you will win otherwise you are probably wasting your time.

This is one of the reason I use my own account when shipping, meaning when I either drop a package off at Fed ex or UPS the package is already marked with a pre printed label generated from my computer. The file is maintained in my account for my records. They Charge my account and I pay it accordingly. I am the one who states the approx. wieght and value of the package. If there is a mistake it's my fault. The driver or the person at the desk just take the package and say have a good day.

If you reciept states you paid insurance of $3,000 and your amp is destroyed during shipping you should recieve the amount the amp is worth. I guess you had to prove the value since you got $2,000 so far.

Once I received a damage package I had to do some leg work for the seller, but I got to keep the device and got most of my money from the seller. It worked out well for me.

Is Fed ex allowing you to keep the amp as well?

Is the amp usable? Take them to small claims as mentioned above.

Good luck.
Onc thing to keep in mind when insuring equipment with UPS and FED EX, even thought you can insure item for $10,000, if the fair market value is only $2,000 they will only payout the fair market value.
Paulg805, your comments regarding fair market value are incorrect. They will pay out whatever you insured it for so long as you have some type of proof that the unit originally sold for that amount or more. I have been through this over a dozen times and know this from experience. Sean
Thanks to all for comments. I worked for an insurance company for 15 years, I do not over insure, I only insure for the value sold. That, is the market value. Often I am asked to insure for more, and I have to explain that is not possible with me.

I sold a McIntosh amp, MC-352, it lists for $4,500, it was in perfect shape, it was sold for $3,000, and was actually worth about $3,300 at that time. I was sent the broken amp back, the the entire faceplate section was ripped off. Not sure how it happened?

I took it to the largest McIntosh dealer in the world, got an estimate for replacement (new is $4,500 list). Since a large part of McIntosh is appearance, yeah, they sound good too, my angle was that although it could be repaired ($700)
some of the dents/dings, albeit minor, reduce the value and make it useless.

FedEx agreed to pay the claim in full, requested the package back, and that is when it started. "We understand you wrote $3,000 on the tag, but you were only charged for $2,000 insurance." I think I will do the small claims court deal.

I still have the amp.
Get the loot back FEDEX just like the UPS and the US Postal Service charges you for insurance and therefore they are responsible for the whole amount of the value you requested.If the paperwork states 3000.00 of insurance then thats what they have to pay..PERIOD..Good luck and cheers.Steve
Listen to Ejlif's advice regarding small claims court. For a measly grand they will either pay-up or not show up, giving you a default judgement. If they did show, you have an excellent chance of prevailing if you have some type of paperwork (not necessarily the receipt)indicating that you requested insurance in the amount of $3,000. Common sense tends to prevail in a small claims venue. Under the circumstances, however, I doubt that you'll have to go to the mat with them, though. Best of luck.

P.S. Although I have never had problems having insurance claims paid, due to the rash of posts here and at AA, I think I will shoot a few digital photos before, during and after packing. A little extra insurance (or credibility) can't hurt.