Where to find info on the acclaimed parasound JC-1

I read a lot about this amp and am told it is amazing, I am looking for something to power my Maggie 3.6's and this seems like an option worth looking into. Any place I can find info online about it?? Any one hear it yet and if so what are your thoughts??
Ummm... I think ur confused... the JC-1 was John Curl's first preamp. Levinson sold it and the JC-2, iirc.

Parasound sells equipment now that is designed by John Curl, including the power amps (2200?)and I suppose a preamp as well... are they calling *that* a JC-1? Seems unlikely that they would resurrect such a designation for a power amp now.

Anyhow, there are all sorts of nice power amps that you could consider... :- )

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Bear, there have been a "small collection" of John Curl designed products that carry the name of "JC-1". Besides the Levinson preamps that John designed, he also did one for Frank Dennesen that was called the Dennesen JC-1. This was a dual mono three chassis preamp. One chassis for each channel and an outboard power supply. I know about this model as i recently became a new owner of a set of these. Other than the models mentioned, there might even be a few other "JC-1's" floating around : )

As Tim mentioned, the latest addition to John's "JC-1 corral" are the Parasound mono-block's that John designed, Carl Thompson laid out and Bob Crump voiced. In effect, Parasound is putting out a "fully tweaked" CTC design with "all the trimmin's". As such, they are supposed to be pretty phenomenal for about $6500 retail.

All the info that you can find out about them will probably come from doing a search over at AA's General Asylum or here from the keyboard of Bob Crump. Bob may be able to tell you more over the phone, so if you are really interested, drop him an email and he can forward you his phone number. Sean
Sean, the Dennesen was the JC-80 (as in 1980) not JC-1, which was a design John did for Levinson in the 70s.....The first batch of Parasound JC-1s are in the market and retail for 3K/each monoblock.....I've got a pair in my living room, but I was hired by Parasound for the JC-1 project....The specs are posted under "News" on enjoythemusic.com and that might give you an idea of what we were trying to achieve, namely a machine built amplifier at a great price using the best parts available....All the major magazines will be reviewing the amps for Parasound.....
Bob, Thanks for kicking me back into reality. Obviously, you are right and I don't know how i managed that one. Only thing that i can think of is that i actually did some manual labor out in the sun all day, so both my body and brain are fried : ) Sean
FYI, Crump owned and used my Symphony No.1 Amp for at least a decade in his system. Also Silver Lightning interconnects too. Then he decided to start his own thing, and hooked up with Curl.

He didn't sell the Symphony No.1 amp right away... his cat Stan apparently liked it too. :- )
Randy, Curl sent me his HCA-3500 for a rework and it took almost six months and a couple hundred parts before it was competitive with the Symphony No. 1......Hard to take a Chevy and turn it into a Porsche....That old BEAR is still the standard for midrange reproduction here....Same goes for the Silver Lightning interconnects and still use your bulk wire in our CTC products it should be noted.....Stan the cat was really upset when the BEAR went away as the 44 degrees was prefect basking temperature and the modified Parasound ran at 55 degrees.....He likes the new JC-1s as they run at just under 50 degrees......
Bob, As long as *STAN* likes it, I'm good with it!!

I'm looking forward to Stan's review... two paws up?

Meow, meow!!
BEAR, see http://img.audioasylum.com/cgi/i.pl?u=users/6024&f=p8280004.jpg and you can have a look at Stan and the JC-1s....
Rcrump- Nice picture.

Don't the mini blinds rattle?

Does the cat hair on the heat shinks enhanse the cooling or
does it just make the room smell like pussy?

Kana813, I was really worried about all the glass in the back of the room when I moved in here as I have always had to deal with huge glass panes off to one side or in the first reflection....I plopped the Rockports down about 6' from the back wall and haven't had to do any room treatments here as have record shelves down both long walls and the bass has another 30' to go after it leaves the room into the dining room and formal living room via an 8' wide open doorway....The glass is 1/4" fixed glass and have no problems with the miniblinds....Best room I have ever had for the stereo as absolutely symmetrical...The room could make a Wave radio sound good....

I heard back from Brian Walsh today who now has the JC-1s driving his Sound Labs Ultimate Ones and they are holding up just fine......
god, this post gave me a good laugh..
Dennis-Thats what we are here for ;) Cheers!
The EVIDENCE can not be denied!! Stan is a traitor!! That cat told me that he would *never* switch away from the BEAR Lab's Symphony No.1 amp. Stan said it was the most. He said that it was the *cat's meow* and that was *it* for him. The perfect temperature and size.

Stan emailed me and said that while this amp is ok, he can't really stretch out the way he liked to do...

:- )