Help me find value for Technics SP-10 Direct Drive Turntable

I have a Technics SP-10 Direct Drive Turntable that I would like to list for sale on Audiogon. However, Audiogon Bluebook cannot give me a current value to set as sales price (according to Audiogon Support, they do not have a record of recent sales).
Audiogon lists values for SP-10 MKII and MKIII, but these are not my model. Mine is the original SP-10, which is what is listed on the Serial Plate (no MK, I, or even M is shown).
This unit is from the estate of a relative who purchased it in 1975. It is in the original shipping carton, has never been assembled or used. Serial number is 60123. 
The unit does not include a tone arm, base or dust cover.
Thanks for any help you can give me. I am skeptical about using the MKII value as an approximation for this unit.  
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The MK I is not nearly as desirable as the II, IIa or III. Search eBay for similar items check "completed only" and you'll see the results of the recently advertised ones. Green sold, Red didn't, black didn't or they accepted offer.
My best guess is $500-700, maybe a bit more because of condition. But as one in the market for a MK II, I can you they go for under or ~$1k. Cheers,
MKIII is the best model.
Plain SP-10 is close to the value MKII.
No arm/base and no dust cover brings it to the value of $4...500 range for fully operable unit.

Pretty good estimation sbank -  about $500 for an unused and still in its original carton SP10.  Theres a current listing for one on eBay at $425 - its been offered for a while with no takers.

The MK 2 is a completely different table, the MK3 even more so.  A MK2 typically sells for $ 700 on average for a working one - $ 400 for one that needs service.  A MK3 anywhere form $5K and up depending on condition.

Best of luck


Thank you sbank, czarivey and pbnaudio for your feedback and advise. I appreciate your help.
Maybe I can help. I recently sold a Technics SP-10 Mk II. It didn’t belong in the Smithsonian, but it had documentation for the table, arm, obsidian base and even the cartridge frequency readout, plus it was in the original box. Anyway, I listed it on Cr******st for $800 at 3:00 am, and by 5:00 am two buyers wanted it. That started a bidding war that went to $1300 before I did finally agree to sell it to the first buyer for $1000. I see them all the time for $2-3000 on various websites, up to $10K with highly modified bases. I also realize that this is the somewhat less desirable Mark I.

So, my advice is to price it (depending on condition) at least $1,000. These are very sought after tables and some collector will ante up for any reasonable price, as long as you are willing to wait a little. I went for the quick sale since I had just re-acquired it for $400 the weekend before. If I were selling it again, I would have priced mine higher, but so what! Good luck with your sale.
I also welcome any additional feedback from Audiogon members.
Wos and very interesting tonykay. I did list in on C*****st but Chicago area only and got an immediate call. Did you list is nationally?
I meant Wow!
No, just locally. I don’t want to be bothered with shipping or waiting for a check to clear. I prefer local cash and carry transactions.

I just re-read your post and realize it doesn't include an arm, base or dustcover. Obviously, you'll have to take that into consideration when pricing it.
A few MK2 on ebay, some sellers are based in Russia EU, ASIA.
The SP-10 is the cheapest in Technics SP series, for price sratistics check ebay for sold listings.

Personally i would avoid SP-10, look for SP-20 which is much better and closer to SP-10 mk2, but still cheaper than mk2. The SP-20 is very rare, it looks exactly like sp-10 mk2, but in a nice black finish (33/45 switch is different, no 78, and no external power supply). I have both SP-10 mk2 and SP-20 (which i like very much).

Pricing sp-10 over $300 is nonsense. While the sp-10 mk2 in perfect condition should be arround $900 and SP-20 somewere in between.
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Chakster - I have checked eBay and I do not find any SP-10's currently listed or sold. That's why they're rare, especially unused ones.