Help me choose a CL special - $200

Wanted to get your input. Looking to get a used Craigslist special pair of speakers for my living room. I have a $200 budget. Here is what I see that fits, wanted some input from you who have heard these speakers.

- Vandersteen 1
- DCM Timeframe 350
- Paradigm 9se
- Pyramid MET 7's

What do you think of these choices or is there something not on my list to consider. Not in a hurry.
I intend to power this using my vintage NAD 3020.
Sources - BlueRay player, iPOD, Cable box.
I think the Vandies will sound best with your NAD
Thx. Forgot to add that I have a powered infinity subwoofer that I will also be using with the system. Don't know if that would change the choices....
Try hard to find old Vandy 1b. Will be good with your sub as well.
Witha sub, I still would go with the Vandies. I have not heard the Pyramid MET 7's but with a sub they could be interesting-I bet they throw a huge soundstage.
Hey all,
thanks so much for your responses! I have an appt to see the Vandersteens on Thurs. Meanwhile I am still combing Craigslist to see if there is something else I can score. I would actually love to find a used set of Magnapans...
You will need a lot more power with Magneplanars to make them sound good. Vandies as they are being called are a warmish sounding speaker which should match upo well with the SS amp you are planning to use. I am not a Vandy expert but I think they may have used foam surrounds at one point so be aware that you may need to have them refurbed a bit before using.
I bought some old Maggies off CL a couple years ago just to give them a listen. They were in good condition but very inefficient, not to mention large and heavy. I sold them a few weeks later.
@Tbromgard - thanks for the note. I will keep this in mind. Right now the Vandersteen's are on the top of my list. I am also seeing tower polks and infinity's for the same price. Would you recommend those over the Vanersteens?
I owned a pair of the Paradigm 9SE MKIII speakers a long time ago. Very big sound until my son blew them up. Have owned Vandersteen 1Cs twice and really enjoy them. Haven't heard the others on your list so the Vandies would be my choice. Good luck.
I never see any good audio stuff on Craig's list.
How do these compare to the Vanersteens?

Klipsch KG5.5 -$200/pair
I'd go w Vandys over Klipsch but the Met 7s are VERY VERY good if you want to do the satellite/monitor thing.
Thanks all! I think I will audition the MET-7's and the Vandersteens.
I like the old Eosone line....the top end is a bit soft...and the warm midrange had just a hint of colour, and the bass was a tad smeared but highly musical...i have a pair of their non powered floorstanders...these are not GMA or Revel level of quality...they are a very good all arounder...the rear firing tweeter brings a nice, relaxed presentation times a little too reserved...but these joint Infinity\Polk offering was one of the more musical mainstream speakers from the 90s...with great depth of imagery that rivals pricier models...
Wow !!!.... Vandersteen 1's for $200 ?? Jump on those and enjoy ! I have a MINT pair of 1C's that I'm trying to sell for $400 - 500. Happy Listening.
His budget is 200...fairly unrealistic to find Vandy 1s for that price...typically 4-500 with stands...older paradigms are plentiful and are Athena loudspeakers which would be at or under budget....going used one is at the mercy of the market...good to have options...used Maggies would be over budget as well...
Not long ago I bought a pair of Vandersteen 1Cs in near mint condition with stands and free shipping for $375. If hte Vandersteens on CL are the original 1s, they are pretty old speakers. I would think $200 is high. Things ain't goin for what they used to.
Hi all, thanks again for your comments, I really appreciate them.
The speakers that I am looking at are the original Vandy 1' $200

I have also found a pair of 2c's for $400.
Are the 2c's worth another $200?
IMO-If you can swing $400 go for the 2c. I wouuld give the MET7's serious consideration too. But my first choice would be the 2c. If they come with stands, its an even better deal. You seem to live in an area where the CL ads are good.
Some things to consider:

To my ears the Met 7's are the most interesting choice. They are classics that have some musical qualities that none of the others do; imo. They can sound really really good, and are very sophisticated little speakers. But you will need stands. The subwoofer (if set up well) will relieve the NAD of needing to power lower bass and will add weight to the sound. The Met's are efficient, but the NAD (also a classic) is not exactly a powerhouse. For my tastes, if you don't plan on playing a lot of very loud music, these sound more like music than the others.

The Paradigm's are the most efficient, and would be my second choice if
you want a floor stander and is probably the safer choice all around.

The Vandersteens are also good, but so is a Honda Civic :-)
I live in the SF bay area. For $200 and under there are a lot of choices. The DCM TF350's were going for $80, the Klipschs were $125 and I saw a bunch of Polk and Infinity tower speakers (large ones) for a bit over $200/pair.

Even this sounds like a deal: B&W DM601 S3 Speakers - $250 (los altos)

After I settle on speakers, I may just start looking for a tubed amp... but that's another thread...
Ahh, yes the Bay area has alot to offer on CL...good luck.
Quick update. I have both the Met7's and the Vandy 1C's in house. They are both very good considering their price points. Bottom line, between the 2 with my equipment, the Met7's are the clear winner. Amazing little speakers. They virtually disappear and are incredibly dynamic. The Vandy's are more full sounding but I am still aware that I am listening to a speaker.

I am sure that if I upgraded my electronics and source that my option of these speakers may change. I am finding that the Vandy's are very sensitive to equipment and to placement. I am wondering if i have not properly placed the Vandys.
The MET 7's are a really good choice, particularly so since you have a sub. Nice you could hear both in your system. I too place a high value on a speaker being able to disappear as the sound source, and on dynamic range. Cheers.
Quick update. I have played with various settings and I think I have the Vandy's properly set up now.
The Met 7's still image better and are more dynamic while the Vandy's project a large warm sound that is really enjoyable. These are 2 very different sounding speakers but both have their own definite merits.

Good thing is that I have both now and I can switch and enjoy them both!

One note that I can add is that the subwoofer is a definite positive addition for both.
Probably can't go wrong with either speaker. My experience with the Vandy 1C taught me one thing: insure you have them at the proper tilt angle which for me meant almost no tilt if used in a small room.
@Timrhu, I will give that a try. The manual that comes with the speakers are amazingly detailed as to how to set them up. It is obvious that these people acknowledge how important the room is to the whole equation.