help identify IC's

Can anyone help me identify an old pair of interonnects. They are one meter XLR.The termination end has a logo and says Custom Hand Terminated by the Silent Terminators.I also see the word Neutrik on the end. thanks,ken
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They are Cardas. What color is the cable jacket? The shrink tube on the end connectors is probably grey and Neutrik is the brand of connectors. The printing on Cardas wire is notorious for fading away with time and use.
Sounds like an early Cardas XLR cable. The early Cardas cables use to have silent terminators printed on the shrink.

Just stay away from any so called "Gold" interconnects. They produce the worse sound as Jade cables does. Very bright, thinned out, very ear hurting and cheap sounding. Target sells the same gold plated interconnects for about $7.99.
That sounds like Cardas
Probably some kind of Cardas. Color? Look for faint lettering on the cable.
Hey Joefama- Your second para is totally off-topic and un-necessary. Makes me wonder if you have an agenda here?
Swampwalker you are right on point, Joefama comes out of left field to slam Jade Audio, that does sound like an agenda. I've heard the Jade Audio cables, and would have to believe that Joefama, if indeed he has heard the Jade Audio cables, has it backwards, it's his Target cables that suck, someone switched them on him for a chuckle.
Stick with your Target i/c's Joefama, and your white van speakers.
FWIW, I've heard Jade Audio cables, as well as top cables from Nordost, Cardas, Jena Labs, PAD, Audioquest, etc. They certainly don't sound anything like Joefama's description, in fact, you could just use his description as the antithesis of Jade Audio cables.
My guess is that he slams them because they are out of his price range. Maybe he's jealous of JD's success, who knows? The point is that second paragraph has no business on this thread.

After Joefama's slam of Shunyata on another thread, I'm starting to wonder if he indeed does have a hidden agenda, or is just plain deaf. Come on out of the closet Joe...what brands are you selling?

guys,guys please don't get into a riff over this. i did see the faint writing on the cable after I posted my question. They are gold reference. The shrink is indeed grey with neutrik.One pair had the writing but the other does not. Can I assume these are factory installed? I had a buyer cancel the order just b/c of no writing. If anyone is interested I'll sell the pair for $400 shipped.I have them listed for more but you guys have been very helpful. Thanks very much! ken
Ken, from the photos, these look like they were chopped and cropped cables. Quite common with Cardas cables. Someone buys a 2-5M length of Cardas cables, then cuts them up and re-terminates them. That's why you see the plain jane gray heatshrink. Good luck with your sale.
makes sense. i just don't recall when I got these so i have no clues. thanks,much appreciated. ken