Hegel or Wyred 4 sound ?

like to know if someone compare between this 2 dacs ?
i have option to buy hegel hd2 or hd11 or wyred 4 sound dac1
what will be more musically open sound more detail more bring the soundstage in the front .
i use leben cs600 and devore nines speakers
i want to use pc -->usb/usb to coaxial convert -->dac
is it hd2(only usb) dac or need hd11(that have coaxial)
While I have never heard the Hegal, I own a Wyred dac1 and absolutely love it. It is a more upfront sounding dac and I would say it puts you in the first few rows of a concert hall. Highly recommended
Have both, stick with Wyred. Much smoother with more detail and upgradable board.
I,too, am interested in both Dacs. I love Hegel equipment. I heard the HD11 and thought it was an improvement over my SonyES5400. Curious as to what Hegel(hd2 or hd11) Dac you compared the W4S Dac. Also, isn't the W4S Dac2 a big jump up from the Dac1?
DAC2 has greater functionality than DAC1, but not a huge advantage otherwise. And the DAC1 can be purchased with the upgraded Capacitors or other improved parts that are standard in the DAC1 for an extra fee.