Have you made any resolutions for the year 2002?

Any resolution related to music? Any resolution related to equipment? Any resolution related to the amount of time spent discussing issues related to the above?
I made a resolution to not make any resolutions
Make at least one small portion of each day a 'vacation', enjoy and embrace the fleetingness of life, and thank the genius of the Founding Fathers for this great Experiment that makes all of our crazyness possible. Same as every year.

* Every new day is a new beginning.
* Worry less, work less, live more (I said that last year, too -- didn't get me far).
* Spend more time with friends & family.
* Music, system support & speaker placement prime over new equipment purchases.
Yes, my new resolution is to be more private with my feelings than I've been in the past.
I haven't made any resolutions; I just acquired a Stealth Audio Magic power conditioner.Now my system makes more "resolution".--- That count?