Resolutions Audio Opus 21 VS. Cary 306 SACD

I am strugling to make a decision between both of these players. Please help me out here. I can't go with the Cary 303/300 because it does not have a digital input which I must have for another source. So which one should I go with...HELP!!!
I can't comment on the comparison between these two but, based on owning a lot of high end digital, I can strongly recommend the Opus 21 with the GNSC mod (or without...just that the mod takes the player to w whole new level)...this can be done for around $3k with used player and I am not personally aware of any player as accomplished at near this price.

Of course if SACD is important to you then the Cary by default has this benefit.
Thanks. The SACD is NOT important to me. The digital input is though.
The Cary is a giant killer! Very natural and harmonically rich midrange and tons of detail. It really sounds much more refined than its price tag would suggest. The digital input works great with my modified Squeezebox. Be sure you get the new version as the older units had some reliability problems.
Have you heard the Opus 21 ? It is musical, but on the warm side, so make sure that is what you are looking for.
I have not heard it. No local dealer. I have camelot Uther MK3 and Camelot Rountable now. How will it sound compared to that?
Question for Cary owners regarding output level. The 3V ouput of the 306 SACD may be too high for my system so that at step one of my preamp's stepped attenuator the volume will be too high for late night listening. Is this output level able to be reduced, either through the player's electronics somehow, or maybe by a dip switch inside or a change of a resistor? Thanks
I would go with a Wadia 860 or 861 they are many times better sounding.
My pick 'd be the cary 306. It is very balanced and refined for the price. It'd also depend on whether u need vol conrol.

In my system, i prefered cary 306 to wadia 861 & 581 & 302. At the time, I listened only to digital. I really wanted to stick with wadia due to convenience & cost (savings on IC & preamp & one less power cord) but in the end, I prefer cary with a good preamp.

I also own a esoteric x01 and it is slightly better than the cary. I auditioned (not home demo) EMM & DCS which i think is also slightly better than the cary. i wish i can find a digital player that is many times better than another.
Mealone, I am sure the Wadia is better, but at a different price bracket. Even 2nd hand, they are way more than the Opus and Cary. My GNSC modded Opus 21 should arrive next week and I expect it to near the Wadia, maybe better it in some areas, we shall see