New Years Resolutions

I hope everyone that reads this has a safe and prosperous New Year in 2005.

My New Year's resolution is to try and be nicer and more helpful to people in the coming year. I hope to be able to achieve those goals and do so in a calmer, more mild mannered method than i have used in the past. This is a new year coming up and i'd like to start with a clean slate. As such, i'm asking those that i've offended or argued with in the past to forgive me for my past discretions, comments and attitudes. Regardless of whether someone is willing to do that for me, i'll do that for those that i've held grudges with and / or gotten into disputes with. As Mr Mellencamp says on his latest release "grace, mercy and forgiveness will help a man walk tall" and that is what i would like all of us here to be able to do i.e. walk tall with our heads held high amongst friends.

Best wishes to the Agon family. I hope we can all have a safer and more enjoyable life in 2005. Happy New Year!!! Sean
Words spoken with sincerity and grace. You have chosen a most worthy resolution, and one that all of us, myself included, could do well to practice. My very best to you for the New Year.
Have a happy and healthy 2005 to you too brother Sean. I don't ever recall having an argument with you, but I do find your threads/responses very enlightening. You seem to have a better grasp of the whole electrical end than most of us here. I don't recall having seen you fly off here. Once at the Asylum that I recall, but that's all water under the bridge.

Wait a minute, didn't Bill (Lakefrontroad) just start a thread asking for more arguments?? He wanted more arguments, claiming that we're becoming too boring. Seems to be getting quite confusing.

Anyway, my new years resolution is to stop wasting time responding to threads on AudiogoN.....wait a minute......DOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!

Happy and Healthy New Year!

Damn Sean- You never even pissed me off, guess I missed out :)

I very much enjoy your enlightened postings and continue to learn a thing or two from you- so keep it up.

Happy 2005!
I'm with Sean...I'm done raising Dame Edna said at the Metropolitan Opera last's easy to be takes too much of a toll on everybody not to be.

peace to all


Regardless of your past, your future is a clean slate...

Like Agent Smith says to Satish in the third Matrix...

"Oh I'm not such a bad guy once you get to know me."

Keep up the good work

Good plan. I promise to be nicer to manufacturers who visit and start their own thread. It's pretty easy to try to be smart and pull others to pieces, but when one revisits and reads what was written, it does not seem that clever.

Me? Lose twenty pounds.

Happy New Year,Sean
Damn, and I was looking forward to some good juicy bloodbath's here on the Gon'. Does this mean you're disbanding the Audiogon division of "Fight Club"? What's going to happen to my bookmaking business without you Sean? Think of all the money we were raking in and for god's sake please, reconsider your resolutions!

Don't worry bout me; I'll find another rabble-rouser to step into your shoes! I'd do it myself but I ain't got the smarts you got. Maybe TWL or Newbee could be enticed when they see the spread sheet from our take last year, eh?

Seriously, good on'ya man! Look forward to the kinder, gentler Sean!

Sean, good show....!! You have helped me out in the past and many others as well but your gesture of "friendship and peace" is something WE ALL must continue to pursue.

Happy New year to you, and to all here at 'gon and everywhere else!
Marco, How much? For a few bucks I could become a real asshole, not just a pain in the ass. :-)

Sean, Happy New Year - I'm rooting for you! You have so much to share, even if on occasions I think I'd prefer reading War & Peace. :-)
Sean, where's my answer to the track 7 Ayre disc? Now, remember, you said you would be gentle...

my new year rez?---to remember this is Audiogon....should always be a safe place for an audiophool...keep my ego in check... and not rave (too much) about my.....oops, almost did it...Have a glorious and peaceful year my fellow audiophools....warren
Nah, don't do it. Being crabby and intolerant is a catharsis. George W. Sr promoted "kinder, gentler" and look what a jackass his offspring is. Besides, a little "tude" (if it's not mean-spirited like JM) helps people believe you're committed in your beliefs. Or, go ahead give your resolution a shot, it's just that some people weren't born to look the other way.

cigarettes , done with um after after 38 years! I might not live any longer, but...a hell of a lot cheaper.

As far as your posts...You and Eldartford are two of the guys I read and trust the most...I didn't exactly just fall off the back of the turnup truck so audio advice is welcome when there are so many questions and so few REAL answers.

Keep up the good work Sean,... you to Eldartford. You guys are what this sight is all about.

You've been way generous with your knowledge and experience, Sean, and I hope this is the right time to say I appreciate it very much. Best wishes to you and to all for the New Year.

My own resolution (audio that is) is to save enough, by sticking to cheap tweaks, that I can afford to buy a better tone arm in the next twelve months.
What a great thread for the start of the year. I think we all get frustrated here from time to time when we read comments or advice that goes against all that we know and have experienced. The trick is to write a response from the heart without offending other A'gon members. There are a dozen or so members here who regularly contribute that I keep my eyes out for as I have learned much from them....and Sean is one of these.
Hi Sean- Happy 2005 to you and all the others here at my home away from home. My wife is naming you all as co-respondents in the divorce ;~). And marco and Newbee and all, please keep me laughing. As to the content of your post, Sean, I'm with Mt10452. A little 'tude keeps people alert and focused, sometimes. And Dave, congrats on quitting the smokes. You will be healthier, wealthier, and smell better!!! My New Year's rez is to finally figure out which amp I like and sell all of the others. I've got way to much $$ tied up in gear.
While i appreciate the words of support, i was hoping that others might contribute resolutions of their own. Not only might this encourage others to try to make a change for the better in their lives seeing that others may be fighting similiar battles, it would be a public reminder for all of us to look at during the year. Sean
First, to Sean and everybody else: happy new year.
Second: maybe a dissapointment Sean, but I don't do new years resolutions any more. I just don't stick with them, so it's a waste of time. Besides, any moment is the right moment to better your life. Heeeee...... that sounds rather intelligent. Maybe I should....... nah, I'll just stay who and what I am, always filled with good intentions, but steadily progressing on the road to hell.
Hey Sean, figured that since you posted on the Asylum, as well, I might as well do the same here. I realize this has become a "how great and noble is Sean's resolution" thread...just fool'n with you again. (already mentioned your avoidance to answering my questions about the Ayre disc, you asked me to post on the 'gon, so I won't go there again) Anyway, your resolution is noble. Now, if you can only walk the talk. I don't believe in public resolutions. I keep them between me and God. Much more humbling. For me, that's my fellow man, that let's me know if I'm walking the talk--my strength usually rests in what I don't say. it's a battle for me as you can see...peace, warren.
Warren: I by no means started this thread in search of praise or recognition. As stated, i wanted to clear the air for all to see and i had hoped that others would join with me in making public proclamations. Making such a proclamation for all to see is a constant reminder for us to do better and try harder. I'm just hoping that i can live up to my resolution, cuz otherwise, everyone knows that i've screwed up. Even if i do "slip" or "screw up", it wouldn't be the first time : )

Other than that, i just saw the thread that you're talking about. I know that we discussed this via email quite a while back. You told me that you were going to start a thread about this subject as i had requested. A short time later, you sent me an email telling me that you had posted a thread on this subject. When i checked, i saw no such thread. My guess is that the couple of times that i checked, the thread had not appeared yet due to the time delay in moderation. You sent me an email a while back asking me to look at the thread about the Ayre disc, but there was no link to which thread you were talking about. Having seen this post, i checked through all of your personal threads and found it now. I will respond to it within 24 hours time, as i've got to leave the house now.

For future reference, if someone wants me to respond to a thread, please forward a link to the specific thread. On top of that, if you send me an email and you don't hear back from me in a reasonable amount of time, please try contacting me again. Between the amount of emails i receive pertaining to work, various audio forums, other hobbies that i have, etc... some things get lost in the shuffle. On top of that, emails are sometimes "lost in cyberland" and never show up. As such, if one doesn't hear from me within a few days at most, PLEASE drop me another note. I'm really not trying to avoid anyone and i do my best to get back to people on a timely basis. It's just that sometimes, there's more on my plate than i can keep up with. Sean

PS... Unless one prefers to have a private conversations, i prefer to discuss things publicly. This gives others the opportunity to both learn from and contribute to the knowledge pool that is Audiogon. This is not to mention that someone can correct mistakes that i might make or facts that i overlook. I'm not perfect, ya know??? : ) Sean
Sean, You've just failed the first test of your resolution. Those who would chose to rule, lead by example but never complain when folks don't follow their lead! Back into the pits (digital if you like) you go.

But, in the spirit of your post, I resolve to be more humble in 2005. :-)
Newbee, you're dead on...hey, we're all human....there's the problem in a nutshell....let's have fun this year...
Now you're getting the idea Newbee. But you've got to throw in a few real personal jabs to get things really going. I liked the audio left hook you threw in there. Oh yes, I see much promise here!

Marco (OK, there's that extra 20 lbs or so that I've been dragging around that I'll be getting rid of this year...)
Newbee: with all due respect, my suggestions were presented in a manner that will help those that seek answers from me to get them, possibly in a more timely manner. That info was posted so as to explain how / why i might not have responded to someone that tried to contact me privately. I didn't want anyone to think that i was avoiding them or didn't want to converse with them, hence the directions on how to avoid that situation.

As such, i've tried to help make sure that this doesn't happen in the future as i don't want anyone to feel left-out or neglected for whatever reason. If making myself available in order to help someone out and trying to do so in the most efficient manner possible is a sin, i guess that i'm guilty of that. I did not mean what i posted to be taken any other way. I'm sorry if what i posted was misunderstood and hope that this clarifies my intentions. Sean
Actually Sean my post was just a poor attempt at humor, unfortunately at your expense. My appologies.
Newbee: NO problem at all. I know that you aren't one to throw flaming spears into a crowded area and respect your contributions to Agon quite a bit. Your responses are typically very well thought out, to the point and worded so as not to offend. In this regard and in my book, you've joined Albert in the "Gentleman of Audiogon" category.

Other than that, I just wanted to make sure that others understood why I would post such things. I don't expect special treatment from anyone, I just want them to be able to get the help that they requested on a timely basis.

Warren: Your comment is right on the money. That is, we are all human and make mistakes, sometimes due to lack of clarity or understanding. Let's all give each other the benefit of asking for clarification rather than jumping down each-other's throats. I know that I've been quick to do so in the past. I also know that such an approach is not conducive to drawing in recruits to this hobby, keeping those that we have and educating them even further and / or trying to share various points of view in a friendly manner. After all, if we want the world and this hobby to be a better place, why not start right where it counts? That is, right here at home with us as individuals. Sean
Man, there's an awful lot of apologizing going on here. I feel some tears
welling when someone told me about Ol' Yeller right here on
the Gon'! Great thread, started with good intentions, and I really don't
think anyone doubts that. Thanks Sean. Made me think about my own
smart-ass self just a some of my input is rude and obnoxious
just for the sake of an isolated smile here and there. I thought about
how many folks just don't want to hear the likes of me spoutin' off like
this right and left...never knowing where my moniker will show up next,
befouling threads like this one with the very best of intentions. And I
thought perhaps I should quit being such a smart ass and get serious
about audio equipment as my New Year's resolution...Nah, screw it...I'll
just keep workin' on loosing the 20lbs and keep on yankin' the binary
monkey till they kick me outta here!

Happy New Year everyone! Love ya! Mean it!

I just spent an extended vacation with one of my parents who likes to pick fights with people. This can be achieved by simply throwing something into the mix that might 'energize a conversation' when in reality it is meant to bug somebody.

Having watched this I realize that this habit got into me when I was young and it is only now revealing itself.

I am finding myself as annoyed with myself as I was, growing up with this parent watching fights start that were so much better of not having happened.

What I need to do is avoid needlessly picking fights and, even more important, I need to relax a bit when others make points that might otherwise bug me.

Of course, (heh, heh, heh...) this is only me I am talking about and I am not doing anything else, whatsoever.
To be more humble. i rarely suceed, but i am always trying & honestly trying.
good night my fellow audiophools..let the thread rest and our hearts remember the spirit of what we said...2005 will be good on the 'gon....we'll make it so..
To listen to more music; keep an open mind and remember to take my meds...