Have you had these problems with Escrow.com

Recently I sold 2 items on Audiogon, and made the mistake of selecting Escrow.com as the mode of payment. Two Audiogon members, in good faith, paid via Escrow.com. Now 4 days later Escrow.com is sitting on the payments made and has yet to approve the transaction, which means the people who bought my gear aren't getting it anytime soon. 

My past experience with the old payment system was if was much more efficient and I was able to receive payments within a day or so and get any purchased gear sent out within 24-48 hours. Now with Escrow.com it's going to be at least a week or longer.

Anyone else had similar issues and any ideas on the solution?
Escrow services are designed to hold a buyers payment in "escrow" until the item has arrived from the seller.  Once the item is received then the funds are dispersed to the seller.  Are you sure they are not doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing?  You, most likely, are not getting any payment until after the items are shipped and and received.  An Escrow service is employed to protect the buyers by having a neutral party hold the funds until the item is received in good order.  By selecting the Escrow.com service you gave that protection to your buyers.
Escrow is taking 4-6 days to accept the buyers payments, then asking for an invoice to be submitted to review, then need more time to review that so that I'm not getting approval from them to ship for 4-6 days after the buyer has paid.

I’m going through the same exact experience right now as a buyer. On one hand I appreciate the security of knowing that I must receive the items first before they release the money. That being said, it does seem like they make the process a little bit too complicated. They like to ask for additional documentation from both the buyer and the seller. They could easily ask for all documentation necessary on the very first day so everyone could just do what they have to do. 

hopefully it all goes well.