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Would switching amps make a big difference?
Wow, I've gotten a ton of useful ideas here to my question and am thinking of starting with the Zero-Autotransformers which should solve the Martin-Logan / amp speaker compatibility issue.Next question is, if I were to replace my admittedly old Be... 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
How does it work with Aurender? 
Amazon just killed Tidal
Does it work with music streamers like the Aurender? 
Would switching amps make a big difference?
Any thoughts on which tube amps work best with Martin Logan speakers? 
Would switching amps make a big difference?
Any owners of Martin Logan speakers using tube amps want to weigh in? 
Would switching amps make a big difference?
Al - questionsA. If Martin Logan speakers is 4ohms, .8 ohms at 20kHZ - ideal amps would have what output impedance?B. Tube amps you might suggest?Thanks, 
How to get the best sound from Apple TV or Roku?
After further research, appears the problem is Apple stops updating older versions and has given up on the 2nd generation Apple TV. Only solution is to update to latest version or Roku. 
What's the Best Bluetooth Streaming Receiver w Dac under $500?
I like it. Looks compact, not the usual standard big box full of air, and has bluetooth and dac 
What's the Best Bluetooth Streaming Receiver w Dac under $500?
Right. This is for our ski house and the idea is to provide a one switch on setup anyone can listen to, just need to bluetooth into a receiver and play - though I'd like it to use it with Tidal too. Idea is to just have one piece of electronics ho... 
Music Serviers: Wyred 4 Sound MS-2 or Aurender N100H
Mark - Just recently added a Schiit Gungnir Multibit to the system, which sounds much better than my previous dac.Currently I'm using a shared screen setup on my laptop to manage the MacMini, which I got 5 years ago, only has 2 GB and can't handle... 
Schiit Eitr with Aurender N100H
@dpetr I recently purchased a Shiit Gungnir Multibit (gumby) and am running it off of Mac Mini and it sounds good. Now I'm considering replacing the Mac Mini with an Aurender N100H.Thoughts on the scale and types of improvement? 
Schiit DAC Crashes Audirvana
After two days finally got Schiit support to respond. Solution was simple, to restrict output from Audirvana to 24 bit. Something you'd think Schiit might have mentioned in their instructions. So far a frustrating experience dealing with Schiit, I... 
Schiit DAC Crashes Audirvana
I've tried all of the above including emailing Schiit and gotten zero response from them. Other than sending it back and calling Amex to initiate a charge back I'm stumped.  
MQA DAC or Not?
Call Audirvana? Do you know something I don't?Audirvana has a customer support system that requires registration and so far my registration hasn't been approved so I have no way of communicating with them about the issue. If you have a phone numbe... 
Suggestions on Better Server Setup than Mac Mini
The Mac Mini with Audirvana already sounds pretty good, so a set up from there must sound awesome.Questions:Converting Mac mini into OS X server - best way to do this, step by step instructions, and how does this affect the itunes library file?If ...