Jolida JD100 CD player problems -- No Power

I would like to hear from other JOLIDA-JD100 CD player owners.
I had my player in standby mode and went to power it on but it just died. Does this have a fuse or something that I can seems very strange indeed. Any help or suggestions would be more than welcome!
The standby/on feature only works through the remote.
By now you've probably figured it out. The same thing happened to me. Standby, power button on remote - poof -
nothing. The fuse is located in the back of the unit just above the power cord. Pry open the little draw with a small flat object[screwdriver]. Slide out the draw. There should be two fuses, one's an extra. There's no mention in the manual about the fuses. I have to call Jolida and ask what this is about. Better stock up on these before it happens again!