Jolida JD100 and Arcam FMJ CD36 or CD37

Hello ,

I'am interesting to upgrade my Jolida JD100 CD Player with Arcam FMJ CD36 or CD37 (I have Arcam A32 amplifier and it is very good !!)

I' am sure that the Arcam CD36 or CD37 is certainly better then Jolida in terms of audio quality.

My only doubt is that the Arcam could be not warm as jolida and I don't like a sound too open (someone affirm that the Jolida is warm and Arcam is open)

Someone have listen both players ? What is the warmar player ?

Thanks !

I have the CD37 and it is incredible. I try to focus as much as possible on SACD because of its much higher resolution, so for me the CD37 is the choice. I am extremely impressed with the sound quality. Honestly I cant imagine anything better.
I own the Jolida and it is a very good player. It is certainly not the last word in resolution, but it is musical and warm (my preference as well).

I replaced the stock tubes with NOS tubes and the improvement was nearly astonishing.

I don't know the Arcams well.
Linear source, linear amplification, linear speakers= linear headache.
The Jolida is warm and musical as stated. Should evaluate the back of your chain for a proper match.
I'd second the tube rolling on the Jolida. I got a set of NOS Phillips tubes from Upscale Audio and I got an additional half an octive out of the bass.