Best interconnect under$400 for Jolida JD100

I just bought a modified Jolida JD100 cdp (shiped today from VeraStarr). I will be running it direct from my Krell kav250a by using a pair of EVS Nude attenuators in place of a preamp. Interconnects are key for me and I'm looking for detailed/accurate sound. Jazz, vocals and instrumentals are my listening choices. How 'bout some help from people with more experience and knowledge that I. Thanks in advance.
i think you will be very happy with nordost blue-heavens,
very musical and neutral cable.....and still have enough left over for nordost pulsar points..for your stop resonanse..check it out you might just love the set up.
At any price I highly recommend Ridge Street Audio Midnight Silver Edition.
I am using Empirical Audio Holophonics for my Jolida JD100A(modified by PartsConnexion)with very good results. Another suggestion is the Bolder Cable Nitro ($300/1m). I tried Blue Heavens before and did not like it. The Bogdan Silver IC's ($89/3ft.)kills the Blue Heaven in my system. I sold my 3 pairs of Nordost cables(2 Blue Heavens, one Solar Wind)because I felt cheated and cannot believe that an $89 Silver IC's will kick the crap out of them. The Bogdans are pure silver, with all the Silver goodness, but does not have the glare of other that I tried.

Search here and at AA and you will find reviews and user comments about the Bogdan.

Have not heard about the Ridge Street Audio IC. All I know is that the proprietor of this company wrote a "personal" letter some time ago at AA in the cable forum. Read that article and decide for yourself....
I have had great success with Cat Cables ( They have a product called King Cats which come in a silver version. The price is very reasonable and they sound fantastic. Currently I have these between a Jolida JD100 and a Jolida SJ502B with Cat Cables speaker cables going to a set of Thiel 3.5 speakers and the sound is excellent.
What length do you need? With some cables, twice as long means twice the price, so it is impossible to make a recommendation for $400 without knowing the length.
Thanks to all for the advice so far. In response to Herman, my length required is 1 meter with RCA connects. My goal of l.t. $400 is a used price goal.
I use the Audience au24 with my sounds amazing, very well balance interconnect... audience's customer service is the best. Plus they also have a trial period for there products.
No question, buy the Bogdan Audio Silver Spirits. They are better than $7500 Siltech G6s.
i second the audience au24. a nice match.
When I started this thread, I didn't want to list the cables I was considering because I didn't want to limit the reponses. Of course, I left it open and am considering all posts, however, I was thinking of the Audience Au24 before I posted, sounds like I'm on the same page as a few of you guys. The other two options I had been considering were Cardas Neutral Gold and some type of all silver interconnect. Looks like people either love or hate silver, I'm just trying to find my feet here, any feed back on these choices?

One other point... (I know this may not be the place) I am blown away with this "Hobby". I cannot believe the passion and interest that people have about it, it is super. I have had phone calls, e-mails and many posts to my questions which have been a significant help. Many thanks to all for patience and feedback!!!
BDG... I went to and didn't see any info on interconnects. I checked on AA and read some posts there, looks interesting, but no info on a website. I did find the designers e-mail and I will contact him.
I have not heard Au24s with Jolidas. However, I have used Au24s in several systems and they always brought improvments. Needless to say, they integrate easily with various systems. Give it a try, it's a really good cable. Good luck!
I bought a used pair of au24s 1 meter long. Thanks to all those who offered input. My listening evaluation will determine if I keep these or move on to other recommendations.
Don't be fooled by t he brand names. Try the Audio Analogue II IC's and go from there. they should be the starting point for any budget priced interconnect search. Money back guarantee and they sound great to boot.
did you check verastarr's ic's and speaker cables, they go for reasonable prices on audiogon auctions, and since you are a repeat customer for mike, maybe he can help ( Also your jolida becomes a new breed althogether after a parts connexion upgrade, might wanna look into that (down the road), would easily do for you what a new ic would do for you (
You've asked a very bad question--and are getting the same kind of answers...
a very neutral cable is the xlo signiture II. it is fast, detailed, clear, and very very neutral)

i have tried alot in a completly ss system ( tara, cardas ( all but the golden reference), harmonic, tech, transparent, wireworld).

and i am very blown away by the bass, imaging, and ability to pass the signal along unscathed and umsmeared.

seconds of the cable can be found @ fatwyre for $300 a meter pair. they also have a audition policy.

hope that helps !!