Have you ever had this problem with a Rega P-25?

My "NEW" P-25 has a problem with the arm lift assembly. Was curious if anyone has had a problem simular to this? The actuator that raise and lowers the bar for the arm doesn't lower on it's own. When I use the lever the actuator raises the bar but when the lever is lowered the bar stays up. If I put downward pressure on the bar it lowers and the actuator collapses like it should. I'm baffled and looking for some help. Any ideas????
That's common. It will work in to where it goes down by itself.
Maybe try a little silicone lubricant on the piston. Like the kind that is in a spray can, but don't spray it all over the table, just get it on the piston walls.
If you're lowering the lever all at once, try just lowering it past its vertical position and then letting it fall on its own. Rega recommends this, and it should work unless your arm has a defective cueing mechanism (which can be replaced if needed). Good listening!
Must be a cueing mechanism. The lever does drop on it's own in a gradual state. However the arm bar stays up and doesn't drop with out downward force. I'll get a replacement. Thanks for the input................