Guilty Pleasures

Okay. We're not talking about the stuff that will get you arrested. Or that causes pain to man or beast. Just the kind of habit that might earn you the consternation of your friends, colleagues, or audiophile buddies.

What slightly bizarre behavior gives you that twinge of guilt. Is it that you still enjoy disco? Do you have the entire Barry Manilow catalog? Do you occasionally put dirty records on the table without washing them first? Are all your friends into grunge, while you're a closet cool jazz freak? Is Britney your idol? Or the Backstreet Boys?

Time to 'fess up. The music police have you under surveillance.
Neil Diamond's "Jazz Singer" soundtrack.
German Drinking Songs! Nothing like 'em.
Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage 2 & 3", a German Eiswein, and a fatty.

But up until this time, I've never told anyone.......
Jingles from the 50's and 60's. Don't ask me why, I don't understand it myself. No, my friends don't know either but I would like to find some on CD.
A Cappella version of Love Shack by The B-52's

Lets Get It On by Jack Black

Word UP! 12" version by Cameo

Oogum Boogum by Alex Chilton

The Great Atomic Power by Southern Culture On The Skids

Rolling by Soul Coughing

Clockwork Chartruece by Loudon Wainwritght III (Live)

Disco Inferno by Cyndi Lauper (soul solution mix)

(619)239-KING, Chick Drop, Lousiana Liplock by Mojo Nixon

The Merchants Lunch by The Red Clay Ramblers

It's Martini Time by The Revernd Horton Heat
Hey Buscis 2,
Joe's Garage 2&3 iz very swift to behold, the fatty and L. Ron Hoover Appliantology stuff might land you in an orange jump suit tho'. Same w/ The Mentors Up The Dose... if you end up liking it, you'll be so ashamed.
To Duanegoosen:

There is nothing guilty about liking Joe's Garage. When people have to start apologizing for liking Zappa, rather than expecting others to apologize for not getting it (not that they will, but they should), we will have a real problem.

Sea Shanties and Blue Grass, according to my wife should make me crawl under a rock. I disagree.
My main system is the Bose Wave Radio. Is it medication time, yet?
Duane, you Heathen Scum (TM) -- it seems like you've missed another appointment! I have reason to believe I should contact you via email - any discussion of the Mentors is bound to fail any censoring filter.
I get all weepy and shit over the soundtrack to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". Don't know what it is, but I can't go a month without a listen. Go through one of those travel-packs of Kleenex every time! That Dick Van Dyke really could belt-em-out, he could. Sometimes I follow that up with some Burl Ives doing Puff the Magic Dragon on the ol' CloseN'Play and the flood-gates just bust open. I only do that on weekends cause I know I'll be useless the next day.

Putting butter and salt on my popcorn.
'money' by the flying lizards
Vince Guaraldi's Linus and Lucy from the original Charlie Brown Christmas special. Various TV theme songs from 70's and 80's (e.g. Rockford Files, Hawaii Five 0)
Duane, On one occasion, Lisa, (my better half) overheard one of the classic lines from that album. I wish I could of videotaped her facial expression at the moment that FZ recites:

"But one night Mary didn't show up! She was sucking @#*& backstage at the armory in order to get a free pass to see some big rock group for free".

Absolutely priceless.
Rare Earth "I Just Wanna' Celebrate"
Looking Glass "Brandy, You're A Fine Girl"
Rufus "Tell Me Somethin' Good"
I could go on and on. It's very sad but I enjoy 70's pop. I'm a closet junkie, I only play this stuff loud when the family is asleep.
Green Hill Productions smooth jazz remakes. Sam Levine, Jack Jezzro, and others create some extraordinary elevator music together. The music police seem to frown on this type of activity, but I don't think it is actually illegal. At least I hope not.

Green Hill Music Website
I sometimes put on an authentic "energy dome" and listen to DEVO.
O.K., I admit it, on rare occasions I'll play Micheal Jackson's Thriller. My friends would cringe, but, I think it's just well done pop. I've been getting a bit crap lately for playing Sam Cooke?
The LP version of MC 900 Foot Jesus doing "Born With Monkey Asses" . One listen and I am reminded that there are definitly people more out of it than I will ever be.
After a couple of bowls of kava, everything sounds good,
but I have a hard time walking across the room to change the disk.
Being both a confirmed car nut and lover of "oldies" music; one of my favorite pleasures is taking my Corvette out for a drive with the top off and the CD player blasting out some of my favorite tunes.
In particular I really love the soundtrack from "Grease" -
"You're The One", early Elvis and the Four Tops.

Not quite ditties, but my brother made (well, I think he made) a CD a few years back of 60's TV theme songs entitled "Soundtrack From A Wasted Youth". If you'd like a copy pm me...

Nothing can tune an air guitar like Surfin' Bird / The Trashmen, though Dirt Track Date / Southern Culture on the Skids definitely runs with the big dawgs!!!

Flying Lizards? Geez, been awhile....
Some smooth Jazz, but only for so long before Mickey and and all his rodent friends line up in the hall-way begging for more.