Guilty Pleasures?

U know what I mean. Songs, albums or even artists that u like but can't really be serious about. Stuff that may make your friends cringe. But nevertheless, despite your main tastes lie eslewhere, u still enjoy.

Here are a few to get things started. By the way I luv jazz, blues, funk and rock...Don't be shy!

ABBA; Dancing Queen
Tom Jones: Its Not Unusual
everything by KC & The Sunshine Band
Wild Cherry: Play That Funky Music
Janet Jackson: What Have U done For Me Lately?
Glen Campbell: Rhinestone Cowboy
Christine Aguilera: Beautiful
10cc, Air Supply, Poco, (70's) my best memories were with the music of the 80's...Phil Collins, Thompson Twins, Hall and Oats. Stray Cats! :) Have to dig them out now and then! Ken

We all have our guilty pleasures.
However, none of us have guilty pleasures along the lines of what you're listening to.

I am afraid I will have to ask you to leave.

Sorry about that!


Those of us with good taste!

PS If you melt all those CDs down, and make ash trays out of them, you can stay!

PPS Just kidding, of course. Have fun!
Bread, America (the band, not the country, though that is getting to be a guilty pleasure as well), Carmen (flamenco rock band, only one album, "Fandangos in Space", you get the picture), Pat Boone, "In A Metal Mood" (the salsa arrangement of Zep's "Stairway to Heaven" will clear any room; I love it.), Ramatam (another obscure rock band), Rashaan Roland Kirk, John Zorn. Now that I've listed a few, my wife is right, I have really poor taste.
Blondie: Rapture
The GoGos
If you tell anyone, I'll deny it.
For me it's:

Dexy's Midnight Runners-Come on Eileen
Buggles-Video Killed The Radio Star
Carl Douglas-Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
Sweet-Ballroom Blitz
Terry Jacks-Seasons In The Sun

These bring back many memories...
Burt Bacharach .... About the opposite of what I usually listen to which is stuff like AC/DC.
dread zepplin, for thoose of you who have never seen them they are a mess, the singer is an elvis impersonator & all the songs are led zepplin tunes redone with a elvis type voice, its silly stuff.

Considering I just got done listening to Donny Osmond (Joseph and the TC Dreamcoat,)I guess I can respond.

The Partridge Family - "I Think I love You"

That girl can play a mean tambourine!

there would be far too many to list if I still had my tapes from the 80's...but for what I own and usually listen to now, I would have to say that the Madonna video collection 93-99 is my guilty pleasure...but sounds great and she's some videos...hehe.

another band that I was talking about with a friend today was Devo...I have to get some of their stuff again.
George Thorogood & Avril Lavigne (not together). Emil, I'm there with you with the Go-Go's ;-)
"Oh What A Night" by Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons.
"Ride Like the Wind" by Christopher Cross (only because Saxon covered it, honest) A little bit of Neil Diamond. Early Jackson Five. Sons of the Pioneers. Meco. Deodato songs other than "Zarathustra". Aldo Nova. The Gap Band. Jonzun Crew. "Winchester Cathedral" by Lawrence Welk. Perry + Kingsley.

I listen to heavy metal, mostly. Was just listening to Exumer, Agent Steel and Bolt Thrower, for example. Gotta liven up the party, I guess.
Dread Zeppelin.

Led Zep meets reggae with a twist of Elvis.



Paul :-)
DREAD ZEPPELIN!!! Yee-ha, I thought I was the only one who'd ever heard of them! I can see how it all happened. A bunch of musicians sitting around and someone says Black Dog, someone says Hound Dog, someonme says Heartbreaker, someone says Heartbreak Hotel, then they run with it. They are pretty good musicians, too.
Dred Zeppelin rocks! I saw them nearly ten years ago and was blown away. Have a bottle of tequila and enjoy the show.
Ditto on the Dread Zeppelin! I have about 30 Hawkwind albums but can play them only when I'm alone. The uninitiated just don't understand. Also Rosemary Cloney and country yodeling.
Gotta give it to Dread Zep.

If you're into Bluegrass, check out Luther Wright & the Wrongs rendition of "The Wall" titled "Rebuild the Wall". Not as bizarre as Dread Zep but fun to play.

check this out
Carpenters -- OH, that voice!
Anything by Burt Bacharach
Neil Diamond
Bob Seger--Live Bullet (Nutbush rocks!)
C. W. McCall
Linda Ronstadt
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
And I gotta agree with Henryhk about Rhinestone Cowboy.

Yikes! I hope none of my friends read this thread. LOL

Have a good day
One more for the Dread Zeppelin. uh huh uh huh uh huh.
Slim Whitman ROCKS!!!
Hey I like George Thorogood and am not ashamed about it. Well kinda. One bourbon, one whiskey, and one beer is simplly devine.
Opera, Death Metal, and rap genres.
Gordon Lightfoot
Flat and Scruggs
Edgar Winter
Well I can see I'm gonna have to find a better place to hang;--you guys are just so;-- NOT-COOL. Karen has aready been mentioned. I mis the dixieland they used to have as a part-time Directv music chan.(806) I go way back to Dorsey,BG.Glen Grey--Song of India--Boggi Woggi--In the 50's Jonna Jones (muted trumpet) Louie Prima--- "She's Out of My Life" MJ--on a good system. No Latina herritage but love the music mostly the old and some of the new.---Beatles--Elton--JT---Emmylou--- I got a version of C Jam Blues by Mancini I love to bring out.Then we got your Beethoven, Mozart et.all---Just love music;thee constant in my life. -----So to me it ain't only the equipment------
Ram Jam " Black Betty"
Boxcar Willie, before Hank Wms Sr there was
Zamfir Pan flute 2D4
Helen Reddy I Am Womyn

no pleasure here
Neil Diamond
There, I said it. feel better already....
I have a friend who is an extreme Dylan fan so I naturally have "Nashville Skylines" looking as if I just played it when he comes over.
Bernadette Peters is though to admit.

Anthrax "sound of white noise"

Neil Diamond, I guess, but I have no problem telling people I like him...maybe I should be ashamed of that fact.

There a lot of closet Depeche Mode, fans, but I think they rule!
OK, I just can't resist jumping into the fray:

The Dead Milkmen/Metaphysical Graffiti: Little Man In My Head

Primus/Pork Soda: My Name is Mud

Anything by The Mom and Dads or Aker Bilk (my parents tortured me with this stuff when I was a kid and it stuck.)

Let the healing begin...
I can't believe no one has mentioned Barry Manilow! I even named my daughter Mandy, but told her it was after the Boston song (which came out two years after she was born)
Doctor John playin that funky stuff, oh and a second on the Boxcar Willie. Even talked a couple of friends into seeing the good doctor live this year!
hey mitch, i just did the dr john thing last night, you gotta love that funky beat.

French-Canadian actress/singer Carole Laure. Her albums "Alibis" and "Hold On" are pretty good. Kinda like a French Marianne Faithfull at her better moments. Also, it doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous!
Cheesey Soundtracks! Can you say Flash Dance????
Mike, did he still have that skull on the top of the piano? Some of the stuff is a little repetitive, but the overall is well worth it, that old dude can really play. A personal favorite is his covers of Duke Ellington tunes, on a disc called Duke Elegant. Glad you enjoyed the show. -Tim
Check out "Dr. John plays Mac Rebennack". Solo piano on what has become a classic recording.
Dusty Springfield. Smokey sexy voice...
Dido. About as poppy as i can stand.
bob dylan
john prine
procol harum
willy nelson, i dont feel guilty, people just think im strange.
Earth, Wind, and Fire, Tom Waits, Willie Nelson, Bach pipe organ.
You must also have the entire Richard Clayderman collection, no?