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Quality CD Recorder with Analog inputs,suggestion
I bought the HHB cdr-830 from sweetwater.com for around $550. It has worked fine but the Alesis unit you describe sounds like it does more things. 
musical fidelity sound?
Back when I was very green about things audio and still believed reviews in the mags,I bought into MF gear heavily (A300 amp , A3 cd and XCan headphone amp).What a rude shock to find this stuff to be so dull,bloodless, and uninvolving.Sold it all ... 
Sacrilege Going from Tubes back to Solid State
I heard that Moscode hybrid that Tvad mentioned in LA at the HE show and thought it Best of show teamed with Joseph speakers of several varieties.If I had that kind of dough or if Moscode made an integrated I'd be on it quick.Second place IMO went... 
Home Entertainment Show in Los Angeles
Was at the show on Friday only and saw it all 3 or 4 times.Best of show ? Close but I'll give it to the Joseph & Moscode room with 2nd place to Channel Island and VSA. Most unusual ? The Zu room. These speakers do some things marvelously and o... 
Life beyond Jolida?
Steve, Great thread for me as I also have Vandy 2Sigs and am thinking of upgrading from Prima Luna pro-2 (which was an upgrade from ASL ). My 3 candidates: Cary SLI-80, VAC Avatar Super and Manley Stingray.Can anyone comment on the differences in ... 
What are the best drop in subs for a 12AU7??
I've liked the Tungsram Industrial grade 12au7 from Hungary (dated 1971) available from A'gon member Tubemonger. Very quiet and detailed. 
The Taiyo Yuden discs are available from Sweetwater.com at US$50. for a stack of 100 with free shipping.They are good people to deal with especially if pro audio is an interest. 
Like my current gear, only better...
If you like NAD, then give Rotel a listen.There are few better deals in hi-fi than the 1062 integrated matched with the 1072 cdp. 
Lived up to or beyond the hype for 2005.
Good thread. Best of my '05 upgrades : Speltz anti- cables, Cary 303-300 , Prima-Luna pro-2 , Jolida tuner and Tungsram NOS tubes. 
Primaluna Two : cables, tube rolling ...
I run my Pro-2 with JJ KT88 ,Ei 12ax7 and NOS Tungsram Industrial Grade 12au7.Much more refined sound than stock.PC is a Blue Circle BC62 which is quite neutral. IC from the Cary 303-300 is Kimber Hero. 
Is the JPS DIGITAL cable as good on CD as reviewed
OK, I'll bite : where is this cheap Eupen cord avaiable and how much is it? At present I am using a VH flavor 4 on my Cary 308 and a VH flavor 3 on my Rotel 1072. 
Paradigm Studio v2 VS. Vandersteen 2Ce Signature ?
I've got the 2ceSigs paired with the Prima Luna Pro. 2 and the front end is the Cary 308 cdp.The paradigms I had were down scale from the studio series but the Vandys just blew them away in pure musicality.Totally agree that the vandys really will... 
New Prima Luna Amp In Distress / Me Too
Just got my PL2 on wednesday and rolled in 4 jj E34L and voila what a difference! With auto biasing on this amp you can try many combinations. So far the hype is for real. 
Classical music - starting points
although i have listenned to classical for many years i still get a lot of helpful info from "The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs" which lists practically all the best performances in print. 
Jolida JD-100 can U use 12AU7 or 12AT7 instead?
Stevecham is right on the mark re Ei tubes.They also make great 12au7 and at 8 or 9 bucks apiece are a steal.