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What music would you like at your funeral?
Benny Goodman doing "Goodbye" with Helen Forrest singing it. 
Advice on Cary CD Players or other options.
Kid, I was seriously thinking of moving on from my Cary 308 ,then I tried a VenHaus flavor 4 PC with it and it came into it's own.All problems with an "in you face presentation " evaporated.It replaced a van den Hul Mainstream. 
Tube amp upgrade/repair in San Jose Bay Area
Eric, I can highly recommend Scott Frankland who has a rpair shop in the area down off Alum Rock Road.Don't have his phone # in front of me but he has done great work for me on 3 amps. John 
A "Unique" Voice...
In the jazz realm, Bob Dorough and Blossom Dearie.And yes, it IS time that Slappy should be awardrd the title of A'gon Poet Laureate ( a big responibility). 
Review: VH Audio PC Burn adapter & Flavor 4 pc Power cord
I am now on day 5 of burn-in of a VH Flavor 4 as my main cable from the wall outlet (Porter-port ) to the PS ultimate outlet and from there to my 2 Wireworld powerstrips.I am already using a flavor 4 on my Cary 308 cdp and a flavor 3 on my Rotel 1... 
hilary hahn..violinist
I beleive like others above that it's too early to tell about Hahn. She has been benefitted by great modern recording ( at least in Redbook ).Both her Barber/Mayer cd and her Elgar cd are good though not stunning.Speaking of the Brahms, I was reco... 
How good is phono stage in Musical Fidelity A300?
I owned this amp back when I beleived reviews by sam Tellig in S'file.That should tell you something right there.The amp has a lot of nice features, great build quality,lotta power... and sounds dead , lifeless and about as involving as reading th... 
I need a female jazz vocalist. No Krall, No Norah
Just heard the 2 cds by Madeleine Peyroux.She's phenominal and very soukful.Like the fact that she's greatly influenced by Billie Holiday, yet does all different material. 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Your insight into things audio is well known around here.My prayers go with you this day on the tough part of the journey. John 
Cables for Vandersteen2C w/ Creek 5350SE
B., I have a pair of Vandersteen 2ce Sigs that are great speakers.At present I'm using Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 bi wire ( all copper ) which I like. Earlier though, I had a set of Sonic Horizon Daybreak bi-wires that I had custom made for the Vandy b... 
6550 to KT88
Jaq , Your concern over JJ is realistic but a maddening tradeoff because they do have the best tonal qualities of any current KT88.Both JJs I bought from a well known Canadian tube dealer went bad frying 2 different ASL amps--- expensive repairs b... 
Blue Circle CS vs Unison Research Unico
For around $200. you can add a Creek OBH-10 remote volume control with no harm to the sound and keep your CS .With my VR2s I went with a vintage EICO st-70 all tube integrated and the VR2s really took off. 
Naxos CDs with Great Sound
Don't forget the naxos historic series including Bach's Well Tempered clavier 1 & 2 by Edwin Fischer from 1936. Beautifully remastered from 78s. 
Where R U?????
Originally from RI but have brrn here in San Francisco for 16 years.Great town for music of every kind. 
HE 2004 West Cancelled due the worker lockout
Wow,1st I'd heard of this and I've lived here in SF 16 years.Well i won't have to take off a day from work,oh well guess I'll have to buy right here on A'gon.Some years ago I actually worked at one of the big hotels downtown and it was a toss up w...