Guilty pleasures and interesting music posts?

I go through the cutout bins everywhere I can.
Buy CD's in bulk.Then I sort them by loading
up a changer.Tag the ones of farther interest
with a quick post-it note for later listening.
Here are some really nice CD's which I'll post
in small groups.Some may be obscure,some will be
elsewhere on A'gon.The following are killer no
filler.Excuse my spelling which is bad.
Bryan Ferry "Frantic" his newest sounds great.
among his best.Couple Dylan covers.
Bod Belden,"Black Dahlia",Fantastic sound,many
wonderful soloists,noirish.
"The Inner Flame",Rainer Ptacek tribute CD.Many
nice acoustic instrument cuts.
"Until the End of the World",sndtrk.Transports
the listener,mostly excellent.
Spiritulized,"Ladies&Gentlemen We Are Floating
in Space".Big sonic journey,throws a huge image
at times.
Laurie Anderson,"Life on a String"&"Strange Angels"
1st one is best recording,although both really good.
Try this set out,play "Strange Angels"then Peter
Gabriel,"Up' then "Life on a String" Wow!IMHO
Interesting. Can you tell us a bit mor about what kind of music each is. also, comparisons help.
Black Dahlia (especially in MCH SACD) is beautiful. A bluesy, jazzy, sorta soundtrack on BlueNote. Gorgeous!
"Finding Forrester" Soundtrack. Miles Davis, The Great Iz - doing a wonderful job on a medley of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" The Dynaudio room at the 2002 HES in NY was playing the Great Iz.

"Blade Runner" Soundtrack. Composed and performed by Vangelis. Enormous sonics and soundstage. Etheral music. Does a great job of creating a landscape to accompany Ridley Scott's dark vision of LA.

Take your pick of the many quirky, always interesting recordings by Taj Mahal. Either alone, or with a variety of artists from around the world.

"Escalay (the water wheel)" by Hamza al Din
Hooverphonic"The Magnificent Tree"2000,Epic.
Images outside the speakers and in listeners
head at times hook filled popelectronica,with
emotional blues inspired vocals on some tracks.
Sonia Dada"A Day at the Beach"95'Capricorn.
Some cuts sound like U2 and others not(duh).
"Crazy Lady","Lester's Methadone Clinic" both
so studio clean and punchy you can just keep
turning volume up.I like the whole disc. Having
heard all Sonia Dada CD's in know to be released
the newest is quite good titled"Barefootsoul"2002.
Pat Metheny"Speaking of Now"2002 think it's newest
but turns up in the"C-bins" already.But wait this
isn't background Metheny to sleep by,it is smooth
jazz new age,hate trying to catagorize with those descriptors.
If you liked his"Secret Story",then chk it out.
Critics pan his CD's mostly.
But after enjoying"Secret Story" so much I will
always give a closer listen 1st.
Sorry Unclejeff,I just was keeping it brief.You
can jot down the titles and use search engine for
best details from a music site.All the titles
I will post have really decent sound and will be CD.
They'll stand well on systemswith fair resolution
have good inner detail,dynamics at top and bottom
for CD format.Kr4 I heard Black Dahlia was getting
full treatment and is the best in sonics,performance
on my list so far.Nice in Mc'sacd?Heh ,MC'sacd
new word there like McMuffin.
I am assuming by your post they didn't get crazy
with thesurrounds.
Slipknot1,darn I passed on a Bladerunner CD in the
cutout bin(clbeanz kicks self twice)my bad probably
passed due to year of release,having had less luck
with 80's CD's.Goes to show always,always,always
have my trusty headphones with me for store
listening station readiness.
I know vinyl has it in most areas when I try to
describe sonic attributes of these CD's but I felt
there was a large group of CD only audio fans.
Cut-out bins abound for CD today now and the hunt
is fun.