good recordings of Bob Marley

Which recordings of Bob Marley and his band are considered great recordings, audiophile speaking.
If you go to they are supposed to have those recordings that are considered to be audiophile recordings by stereophile or TAS these are on their recommended lists

Of course you don’t have to purchase them directly but they carry 26 different listings

I wouldn't say that they are "Audiophile" grade, but being a huge Marley fan, I generally stick with the Tuff Gong releases or the remasters of them. I've been burned by so many others, as there are a scores of questionable recordings of this great artist. However, the Tuff Gong (Island Records) are mostly ok.
The Simply Vinyl release of Marley's "Kaya" on heavy vinyl is one of the better Marley recordings I've heard.
There are a couple of marley cd's out on the older Ultradiscs. Kaya and Catch a Fire, very nice recordings and some nice collection of his Vibe.
the speaker's corner pressing of natty dread is pretty dope. went out of print recently, though.
Babylon By Bus!

Look for the originals in Island records. There are many available on eBay for low cost. My favorite is "Natty Dread".

I've rarely found reissues of Island Records recording that are better than the originals.
Ok.. the best in terms of recorded sound are: 1976 onward: Exodus, Kaya, Babylon by Bus(live with hi-fi 'issues') Survival, Uprising (and Confrontation but it's a mixed bag)
Before that(1972-1975: Catch a Fire, Burnin, Natty Dread, Live, Rastaman vibration), recording quality suffers a little bit but it is the Marley "sound": real up-front crisp cymbals, big 'ol bass. Disregard all other recordings as they are not the original Island recordings.
Now as to pressing quality, it's original U.K. or German pressed Island label. also Japan pressed isn't bad. Next are the U.K. pressed digital remasterings (came out in mid-late 1990's)of same catalog which also are good IMHO. Also a little different sounding but very good pressings are the two MFSL (Exodus and Catch a Fire) Stay away from the first "Live" album, Babylon by Bus is better.
Wazzup All!

Gottatellya, being advised to stay away from his 1st 'live' recording due to it's not being "audiophile-quality" is poor advice indeed. This is one of the greatest Live recordings of all times, of ANY music! Recorded in a theater full of delirious Rastas, this record has an undeniable fever to it that's Marley at his best. If you want a more polite 'audiophile' but powerful nonetheless is 'Live At The Roxy'. Recorded the same year (I assume that's why it wasn't released 'til now), not nearly as feverish but still Marley at his peak, very highly recommended!
I have MFSL 180gm lp's of both Exodus and Catch A Fire and they both sound great, with the slight edge going to Exodus. I also have an original Island Records lp of Kaya which also sounds very good. Happy listening!
For audiophile quality, the answer is easy: get any of "The Definitive Remasters" series of Bob Marley albums. These were put out in 2001 and after by Tuff Gong, part of the Island Def Jam Music Group. Sound is so superb you will think they were just recorded, plus there is additional art work, photos, etc. I was first turned on to these by a rave article in The Audiophile Voice. The cd's seem to be widely available (at least in NYC) in most larger stores and encompass much of the Bob Marley albums. I have Legend, Catch a Fire, Natural Mystic, and they are unbelievable. You can't lose.
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