Good percussion recordings

Hoping someone could recommend a few good percussion only recordings, specifically Latin and or Orchestral percussion. Thanks for any input.
check out the percussive arts society PAS.ORG. tHERE ARE HUNDREDS OF RECORDINGS OUT THERE OF PERCUSSION ONLY. The best is a matter of taste. However the group NEXUS is one that should not be overlooked. I have nearly 50percussion CD,s. Steve Weiss Music in Phila. is an excellent source of recordings ,all percussion, in stock. Let me know if you need more specifics.
Tony Martinez -Cuban Power.I am a drummer,49 years old.This is authentic Latin rythm.
Thanks for all the suggestions, this gives us someplace to start. Jim, do you know if Kodo can be found on CD? Thanks again (to everyone)
Hi, Emily. It's on Tristar Music (WK35055). Tristar is a division of Sony, I believe, so not hard to find. Happy listening, all.