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Good percussion recordings
Tony Martinez -Cuban Power.I am a drummer,49 years old.This is authentic Latin rythm.tracer 
help with speaker selection!
System audio-bookshelf or floorstanding.Not that many dealers,but much better sound than anything previously mentioned.Cost will be around $200 for monitors,$500 for floorstanding.Footprint on tower is only approximayely 5 inches square. Tracer 
The best Cdp that have volume control
I own the Denon 1650 AR.It is a well built, very good player,with extraordinary,but not overemphasized bass.I have run it direct with great results.I saw one today on this site,1 years old for $650. Tracer 
cd player skipping
Send it to NAD.Im had a PD 65 that skipped,and ended up spending twice as much as I should have trying to educate the local tech.The factory knows best in this case. Tracer 
Classe integrated or Musical Fidelity?
Musical Fidelity A3.I have one driving 4 ohm/87 db efficiency speakers it is clean,quiet and loud. 
Best DVD player in $500-$1000 Range
Will the Dv37 play cd-r's? 
Pioneer PD65 pros&cons vs. other players
I owned a PD 65,and own a Denon 1650 cd.My Pioneer began to give me trouble and I replaced it.It definitely sounded more clear and extended from the mid-range to the high ends.The high end extension was definitely superior to the Denon (in my opin... 
best mid-$ int. amp w/phono, remote
I own the A3 Musical Fidelity.85 watts/8 ohms 170 at 4 ohms.I really believe it is excellent-especially for 1K new. tracer 
advice for integrated amp
Musical Fidelity A3. 
Int. Amp. Musical Fid. A2 vs Anthem int2
I have the A3 ,had the PD 65 (now have the Denon 1650) and Alon II speakers.Buy the A3,keep the PD 65 (best sounding unit under $1500) and sell the B&W's-buy the Alon II.(My Pioneer quit,and I replaced it with the Denon,) Tracer 
M/F A3 Int. Amp. What are you running...
I have the following components: 1.MF A3 Integrated 2.Denon 1650 cd 3.Alon II Mk I speakers 4.Homegrown audio silver cables 5.Tara labs bi wire. I would like to say I could not be happier with the Alons,and the MF integrated.This amp is astounding... 
Starter SACD setup, ideal speakers ?
Alon II/V 
Mid Fi Cd Player with the Most Bass
Denon 1650.Listen to one if possible.I might have one for sale. 
Best female vocals on CD
Rachelle Ferrell 
The BEST Audiophile System under $5k...
I own the A3 Musical Fidelity,and would urge you to consider it in addition to the Creek,although I am not sure if the price is equivalent. Tracer