Good percussion recordings

Hoping someone could recommend a few good percussion only recordings, specifically Latin and or Orchestral percussion. Thanks for any input.
Percussion Music & Ringing Changes - both on nonesuch records LP & CD - nothing better
On vinyl, "Percussion Museum" from King SuperAnalogue (KIJC9207) is amazing. Side one is an arrangement for percussion of Bizet's Carmen Suite. Side 2 is Chavev "Tocatta for Percussion Instruments" and Takemitsu "Rain Tree." See:
try "the all star percussion ensemble" on mmg. this 1983 recording features percussionists from a number of first-rate orchestras playing familiar and fun stuff. as i recall, there was a second volume done by this group as well.
Neither Latin nor orchestral, but give Kodo a listen when you're in the mood for wonderful percussion in an entirely different vein. These Japanese drummers live an isolated, monk-like existance on Kodo Island with their entire lives focused soley on their craft. That's 24/7/365! Specifically, try "Kodo Live At The Acropolis" -- that's what I call cultural fusion. On the Latin side, the very best Afro-Cuban percussion I have ever heard was Mongo Santamaria's "Up From The Roots" -- percussion and vocals that will know your socks, or knickers, off. (If I'm off just a bit on the title, feel free to correct me. I have this on LP and since I am currently between turntables my LP's are in storage.)
Mamba Percussions, Pierre Verany, PV78291
Although not Latin an amazing African drummer named Sekon Camara made a dics called Dejmbe Tigui on silence records. SLC9605-2. Its one the best recorded discs that I have. Recorded at Reference Studio in Quebec Canada ,available thru mail order from UHF magazine cheers.steve
I agree with Jim, but you had better have the volume control in your hand. This CD breaks equipment!!!! One killer CD if your system is up to it. Enjoy.
check out the percussive arts society PAS.ORG. tHERE ARE HUNDREDS OF RECORDINGS OUT THERE OF PERCUSSION ONLY. The best is a matter of taste. However the group NEXUS is one that should not be overlooked. I have nearly 50percussion CD,s. Steve Weiss Music in Phila. is an excellent source of recordings ,all percussion, in stock. Let me know if you need more specifics.
Tony Martinez -Cuban Power.I am a drummer,49 years old.This is authentic Latin rythm.
Thanks for all the suggestions, this gives us someplace to start. Jim, do you know if Kodo can be found on CD? Thanks again (to everyone)
Hi, Emily. It's on Tristar Music (WK35055). Tristar is a division of Sony, I believe, so not hard to find. Happy listening, all.
Try "The Conga Kings" from Chessky
On vinyl try Sergio Mendes-Primal Cut who would have thought sergio will make this kind of percussion album.
audiophile quality from start to finish.
MILTON CARDONA"BEMBE" All percussion and it's Santera music.PATATO has a CD out on MAPLESHADE,and If you like the way MAPLESHADE recors their artist youll definitly like this..Cheers.
Al Dimeola - Kiss my Axe - keep the lights on, it can get scary in the dark! In my opinion, greatest guitarist ever! All his stuff is good, but I really like that CD a lot!
Check out Mickey Hart's, Spirulinga. Mickey is a master of World music and percussion. Former drummer for the Grateful Dead and successful since in his band, Planet Drum. You can find his records at
EDDIE PALMIERE,title of album VORTEX.GOVANNI HIDALGO any of his albums.
Many good suggestions above. There is a gold audiophile edition of Planet Drum--highly recommended. For classical percussion, try the Safri Duo. I recommend two of their recordings on Chandos: "Goldrush", which features some purely percussion arrangements of works by Bach, Mendelssohn, Chopin and Ravel, plus some works by contemporary composers. And "Works for Percussion", which is all contemporary. Killer. And definitely get Evelyn Glennie's "Drumming". For great sonics, try "The All-Star Percussion Ensemble II" on Golden String (available through First Impressions).
Give a listen to Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble's CD titled Lift off, DMP catalogue # is CD-498. A few words can sum up this disk: dynamic, powerful, delicate and intoxicating, one of the greatest percussion recordings I have ever heard.
Carlos Chavez: Chamber Works, La Camerata & Tambuco on Dorian Recordings. Lots of hollow logs, rasping sticks, shell instruments and rattles (traditional instruments used in Mexico). The music spans (when composed) from the 1920's to the 1960's.
There are some soundclips there,amazing stuff!