RE: Percussion Album – Any Good Ones?

I once listened to a percussion recording on L/P which started with a narrative about slavery in Africa – a very powerful presentation. I think the male singer was African American (could originally from South Africa) but I couldn’t remember his name. Can someone point me to the right direction?

Also, would you recommend a few good percussion masterpiece – Red Book version? Thanks.
Hugh Masekela Coal Train??
Check out just about anything from Uakti. All are pretty good and the sonics are excellent.
Sheffield Track and Drum Record

Kodo-"Heartbeat Drummers Of Japan"
Yim Hok-Man's "Poem of Chinese Drums" from my Burmester Vorfuhrungs (Demonstration) CD III always chases my dog out of the room. LOL!!
Depends on your taste in percussion music. Here are a few I like:

Evelyn Glennie - Drumming
Safri Duo - Works for Percussion, Goldrush
Babatunde - Love Drum Talk
Glenn Kotche (Wilco's drummer) - Mobile
Mickey Hart - Planet Drum

I also have several recordings that are mostly or exclusively marimba performances. I love the sound of that instrument.
Miles Gurtu is a terrific recording, dynamic, open, extended and detailed.

Trilok Gurtu's drumming along with Robert Miles on keyboard brings one of my favorite electronica albums I have heard.
There is a recording by Evelyn Glennie with the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leonard Slatkin. "The Music of Joseph Schwantner". It is superbly recorded and better than good, highly recommended. The last cut provides a narrative by Vernon Jordan of the words of Martin Luther King much of it referring to black history and slavery, very powerful stuff. Maybe this is what you are referring to?
Percussion Music, New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, on the Nonesuch label. Verese and others. Unfreakinbelievable!
Thanks for that recommendation, Tubegroover.

I love percussion music. My wife doesn't. C'est la vie.
While an 'audiophile' percussion album is fun to listen to, I liken it to listening to recordings of trains, helicopters, and sound effects. There's great percussive MUSIC out there. If, instead of focusing on how well yr rig is reproducing a sound, and you feel like being physically moved and excited by a 'performance', Latin music, dance & Jazz, is a veritable universe of diverse wonderful music to be explored! There's very rarely any mention of any type of Latin music here so I chalk it up to unfamiliarity but I sometimes wonder about the latino audiophiles that 'lurk'. Here's one that should test yr system. Featuring two of the best musicians around on their respective instruments; 'Traveling Through Time' - Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez & Giovanni Hidalgo. Featuring only the 2 of them on drums and congas, a percussion masterpiece!!!
Brent Lewis 'Earth Tribe Rhythm' is a classic from the day, also checkout LessLoss website for free Drum Duet (24/96 kHz) download. Another member mentioned here Babatunde's 'Love Drum Talk' but also checkout Babatunde's 'Circle of Drums.' There are some wonderful solo recordings of vibes worth a listen and that's percussion too (c:
604 classical,219 ethnic and 143 jazz/rock percussion recordings are listed by Must have a hundred or so in my collection. Also contact PAS the percussive arts society for more info. Careful it can become an obsession
All Starts Percussions!! FIM has made reissue both in CD and vinyl.
Hey Elwood, thanks! Excellent resource indeed. You a percussionist per chance?