I like Jazz percussion but not high frequency guitar
would you recommend some cd for me?
Check out Al Di Meola's latest release and debut of his new band, "World Sinfonia", "The Grande Passion" (Telarc CD-84381). The percussionists are Gumbi Ortiz and Gilad, while Herman Romero backs up Di Meola on acoustic guitar and Mario Parmisano fills in on acoustic piano. Members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra fill in the gaps and the other musicians involved, like percussionist Arto Tuncboyacian, are all excellent. Well recorded and very involving music.

I'd suggest other Di Meola releases if you like percussion as he makes wide use of it and does so very well. Another of my favorites is his early '90's "Kiss My Axe". Track two has some wonderfully punishing bass drum slams! I also like the name of the album. Apparently it was his way of thumbing his nose at the recording industry.
Evelyn Glennie. Irish percussionist. She is Deaf and plays standing in her bare feet to feel the beat.
I've been an avid jazz buff for more than 40 years, and have a large collection of recordings. I'd be pleased to offer some suggestions, but I am not clear what you mean by your post. Please define what you mean by "jazz percussion", and what your request has to do with "high frequency guitar". Help me to understand what you like or want to listen to, and I'll provide a number of recommendations.
Thank you for you help.
I mean I want cd for percussion like from Charly Antolini-----heavy and puncy bass.
Sorry , I am from Japan , so English is not so good.
check out

In particular, see what you think of Warren Smith, Asante or Chief Bey.

I think we have A LOT of music that may suite your taste. My boss loves jazz AND percussion. Thus, we've released a number of CDs that combine the two. The Rebecca Kane Sextet is another disc you might like.