Good percussion

I’m looking for some really good percussion albums. I really like the Sheffield Drum tracks and I also listen to Jazz. So anything with some outstanding Percussion would be appreciated.

try Micky Harts Planet Drum.
Let's say yer listening to the ipod/portable player on the train.

You can fit in pretty good/blood chemisrty is okay, mild euphoria:

Mo Boma/Myths of the Future (any of the 3)
Mokave/ any of em'
Glen Velez/Pan Eros
Reinhard Flatischler/Megadrums
Ned Rothenberg/Synch (both discs have great tablas)

It's getting a little harder to maintain, can't hold back the occasional sardonic grin and spastic body movement:

Ronald Shannon Jackson/Puttin' On Dog
Andrew Cyrille & Maonao/Metamusician's Stomp
Dougie Bowne/One Way Elevator
Paul Wertico Trio/Live in Warsaw
Anders Johansson/Red Shift
Jim Black/Alasnoaxis
Good For Cows/Less Than Or Equal To
Indica Project/Horn OK Please
Richard Johnson & Jud Martindale/Creatures of Habit
Max Roach/Pictures in a Frame

People won't sit next to you, yer' losin' it/ watch out for men in white coats:

Lucas Niggli-Sylvie Courvoisier/Lavin
Ducret-Previte/In the Grass
Bobby Previte/Slay the Suitors
Dave Storrs/Another Thing
Lee-Van der Schyff/These Are Our Shoes
John French/O Solo Drumbo
Bang On A Can/Industry
Double Yellow/Double Yellow
Brad Dutz/Heat The Grill Cook Loin
Tony Oxley/Floating Phantoms
Kornstad Trio/Space Available
Jonas Hellborg/Good People
Massacre/Meltdown, Killing Time, Funny Valentine
You might also want to check out this recent thread...lots of recommendations...
Safri Duo: Goldrush, and Works for Percussion. This is classical percussion and is great stuff.

Global Percussion Network, Rauk. On Opus3 SACD. Mostly on the quiet and delicate side, but great sound and lovely music.
Mark Nauseef I believe is a percussion king.
Also explore Nana Vasconcielos on ECM.
Thanks for the all replies. I do own Mickey Hart's Planet Drum, although it just isn't my cup of tea, I couldn't really get into it, don't get me wrong it is a wonderful recording but not for me. I'm into pieces that are more fast paced.
Mickey Hart Dafos. It's on reference recordings. I like it much better than Planet Drum. Planet drum is leaning towards a techno industrial kind of mix, where as Dafos is more exploritory in full percussion--not just drums. It's also a great quality recording.
Try Brubeck Live At Carnegie Hall. Excellent recording of some solos by Joe Morello.
Give Trilok Gurtu a listen.

Good Luck
I just spent a few hours yesterday listening to percussion-oriented music at Duanegoosen's. I've been drumming for nearly thirty years, and if you want some excellent recommendations, I'd work your way through his posted list. Excellent stuff there.
And thank you, Duane. You've brought a whole new world of music into our house.
I second Trilok Gurtu, the album he made with Bobby Miles is terrific and one of the best recordings I have heard. Gurtu plays percussion and Miles plays keyboard. The music is a mix of alternative and world with an emphasis on percussion and synth.

The name of the CD is: Miles Gurtu.

happy listening
Airto, "Promises of the Sun" on Arista. Wow!
Try anything by Brian Metcalf IF you are into esoteric, trance-inducing stuff. Zakir Hussain is superb as well, but it's more of traditional indian music.
Billy Cobham's "Spectrum". Great Tabla work on all of John McLaughlin's Shakti LP's. All the Steeley Dan and Donald Fagen LP's. Pat Methany uses various percussionists that are all over the place. Try out Brazilian like Milton Nascimento, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil.
Richard's post reminded me of a CD with some of the best percussion and intricate, weaving rhythms that I've heard:
Youssou N'Dour "Immigres"

As he also mentioned, Brazilian music has some killer percussion. Along with the artists mentioned above, I'd definitely give a listen to Jorge Ben.
I agree with Billy Cobham Spectrum and Crosswinds too. Both are excellent albums from the 70s.

I got Billy's autograph in the mid 70s. He was awesome in concert, you could not even see his hands move they were so fast.
Steve Tibbets - "Exploded View"

also register one more vote for Billy Cobham. "Spectrum" and "Crosswinds" are great even if you're not simply interested in percussion.

Not Jazz, but nice listening -
Stomu Yamashta, Michael Shrieve, Steve Winwood - "Go"
Michael Shrieve - "The Big Picture"

and, very different but big time percussion - "Blue Man Group"