Great Percussion Recordings

I am looking for some great percussion recordings, something that will really challenge a system. Please list the title, artist, and specify LP or CD. Can anyone help me?
slowhand: there were a couple of threads earlier this year that you may find helpful. seach on the word "percussion." there's one on percussion only and another on jazz percussion. i believe i mentioned in one of these or another thread that the most system-challenging percussion recordings i own are track no. 1 of "master of chinese percussion," naxos cd (hong kong) no. 8.225942, and "the gates of dafos" from the lp "dafos," reference recordings rr-12 (long out of print but worth a search). -kelly
This is not a great recording, but it is great percussive playing. "L.H. Correa de Azevedo, Music of Ceara and Minus Gerias". On the Ryco "Endangered Music Project" label. A great history piece on the music of Brazil.
Do cannons and muskets count?
Beethoven- "Wellington's Victory". Mercury 434 360 2
Battery "B", 2nd New Jersey Light Artillery
Bells of the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon, The Riverside Church
Be Careful!
Corndfed- Have you seen any LPs of Dafos around? I have been searching for quite some time to try and find one but have come up short. I have settled for the gold remastered CD but would really like to find the LP somewhere...
Evelyn Glennie, "Drumming". In the classical section. Just amazing. Dynamic, great recording.
Ditto on Evelyn Glennie. She is deaf and plays in her bare feet to feel the music. Attended a great concert with her and the Kings Singers a couple years ago.
For modern Basque music there is "Kepa Junkera, Bibao" a two CD set on Alula records. These are very good recordings somehwhat on the "hot" side. I would estimate that there are at least 20 different percussive instruments used/played on this album. Another good choice might be the sountrack to "Black Orpheus". I used to listen to this quite a bit on vinyl, but do not have it on CD and perhaps someone can recommend a good version.
BLUE MAN GROUP, but lookout... recording has huge dynamic range, and this recording challenges the limits of components more than any other recording I've heard. I'm willing to bet that it would make even the big Krell's with big daddy speakers sound inadequate. If you've ever seen their performance in Chicago, you will know what I mean. They pound away on monstrous unamplified drums, and you think your eardrums are gonna blow out. Bought CD at Best Buy, so I'm sure it's available elsewhere. Anyone else try this recording?
Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I was lucky enough to get a copy of Dafos on LP. It is a fantastic recording. If you can find one, jump on it. Track 14 on Emmylou Harris "Spyboy" has a drum solo by drummer Brady Blade. It sounds like he is in your listening room when you crank it up. Also track 4 on James Taylors "Hourglass" has some subteranean drums in it.
Find a copy of the Sheffield Drum Record (the LP and not the CD). Recorded Direct to Disk

There are a couple of drum solos that, on the right system, will knock your socks off...,.very real.
All of the LPs by Brazilian percussion genius Airto on Arista are just great but "Promises of the Sun" has incredible bass impact and ambience. Highly recommended.
ART BLAKEY, RITUAL! This recording is beautiful, forget about the fact that its not the most clean sounding, if you like(love) drums... you will appreciate this recording.

P.S- I know many of you already know this, I just thought I'd post it for the kids out there!