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Casablanca 1 scared the crap out of me
Hey Soda,Yeah, I'll be doing the upgrade in due time ($$$).I hear the difference is pretty amazing.It cost 2k for original owners right? 
What is "slope"???
Thanks guys!!I figured it out with your help.System sounds great. 
HT and 2-channel music setup - New Ideas?
Can I please urge you to check out the Theta Dreadnaught Amp?I Have Thiel 2.3 and an MCS1 center as well and I just purchased the Theta (here on Agon!) and it is really, really NICE!). Not to mention it is the most beautiful amp I've ever seen (I ... 
What is "slope"???
My speakers are full range Thiel 2.3's. They are capable of full range bass, but I cross them over at 80Hz to my sub. I find it allows the Thiels to do what they do best.The slope options available are 6db, 12db, 18db and 24dbHope this helps. 
What is "slope"???
OK, so the second part of my question was..What should I be listening for to establish the proper slope for my processor? Please be as straight forward as possible.Thanks for the help! 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
1.Porsche Boxter S and a Toyota 4Runner (good combo!!!)2.Porsche Turbo and a Toyota Land Cruser3.Porsche Turbo and a Toyota Land CruserWhat can I say...I'm a simple (happy) man. 
Theta Extreme DAC in a Casablanca 1???
Yeah but now I'm hearing that it should be backward compatible, which would jive with Thetas policy of upgradability.Thats from a Theta dealer, and not directly from Theta. 
FYIGeorge Lucas is not involved with THX anymore. He's moved on to design a new standard with his company "Lucas Sound".He sold the THX rights to Creative Sound Labs, and they've been putting that THX logo on lots of low quality stuff for a while ... 
To DAC or not to DAC
Hello,Well, I did an A-B comparison......and there is no comparison!!!The MSB is absolutely NO MATCH for the incredible Theta machine. Adding the MSB Link DAC was like putting a VW motor in a Porsche Turbo body. MSB is in a totally different class... 
Combined speakers yeild even better performance
The only speaker I can think of that offers the option of stacking two identical units inverted is the Morel speaker line. I had a chance to hear them at Sound Vision in SF and they sounded incredible. VERY EXPENSIVE! 
Combined speakers yeild even better performance
Infinitebaffle, hence my moral dilemma with messing with Jims hard work. I swear I would never do this unless I heard a noticeable difference (I love the 2.3's). And you may be right, what I tend to like right now, might change as I continue to li... 
Buzzing in my speakers w/ new amp
Just an update.I receved the replacement amp on Friday just as Klaus said I would (and for my trouble he included some really beautiful adjustable isolation cones!). I hooked the amp up and GONE was the buzz, totsl silence!!! THEN I heard this ter... 
Madrigal Mark Levinson out of business.
Is it totally out of the question that these guys will still put out a good product? Maybe I'm reading responses wrong, but since when was Lexicon considered mid-fi? I'll pass judgement on the quality of a companies product only after I've seen an... 
Buzzing in my speakers w/ new amp
OK, heres the deal. Just for the hell of it I tried disconnecting one interconnect to the back of the amp from the pre-pro (the right channel).......the buzzing went away!!! The buzzing went away!!!!So naturally I thought I had found the culprit..... 
cd player with high output voltage,,under 1k?
Actually the Marantz 6000 OSE has high output, and you can get one for about 400.00. That is if you can still find one. Just make sure your purchasing the SE version of this player.