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Which would you rather have?
Hey BrianWI'v never heard either of these in my own system. I'm looking for general observations from people who have had experiences with either speaker, reguardless of their system.Any thoughts? 
Best Test CD
I recommend using well recorded music that you are familiar with already. You should listen for details and dynamics that were not detected on your current system. If you listen to music, shouldn't you test with music? 
Anyone out there own an Alesis Masterlink CD-R?
Ooop's it appears that I mis-read that posters comments on the 20 mins of recording time on the HD. I appologize for the error. But I did think of something else that is very important to note. If you record at 24/96 you will only be able to liste... 
Anyone out there own an Alesis Masterlink CD-R?
Yes, I have had an Alesis Masterlink for five months now, and its a great recording tool. Another poster above said he could only get about 30 mins. of recording on the hard drive? That is not the case, I can get almost four hours of 24/96 recordi... 
New Bryston or Used Lexicon?
I have total respect for the brains at Lexicon. But.. I did a side by side comparisin of the Lexicon and the Theater Grand 2 from Sunfire and could not detect any difference in sound quality (although I was looking forward to owning the Lexicon!).... 
Are you Guys Rich or What!?
Easy there "cornfedboy"!!!The very word "HUGE" is a realative term. "HUGE" to me means "OH MY GOD I HAD NO IDEA SOUND COULD BE THIS GOOD"!!!Yes... I suppose that replacing all my equipment with the latest super high-end equipment would make a noti... 
Are you Guys Rich or What!?
Dont forget that there is a point of diminishing (spelling error?) return. I have about 15K in my system, and I know that anything I add at this point will not make a huge difference. This hobby is more like a sickness. 
Amp quality / Slam
Thanks again guys,Ya know.... maybe "jeffloistarca" just hit it on the head! I really like the Sunfire Preamp and Matantz amp for movies. I just watched "Apocalypse Now REDUX" which was just realeased (if any of you guys are into DVD, this re-mast... 
Amp quality / Slam
Thanks for the feedback guys. I do have after market power cords, they are the hi-end voo-doo cables. As far as speaker placement I've screwed around with that so much I'm DONE! the imaging is really good, its just the attack I seem to be missing.... 
Amp quality / Slam
Ok, more detail on my set-up..The speakers are the new Cambridge Soundworks T500's, they have a built in powered sub and are bi-wireable. My room is 13ft wide and 19ft long and the celing is 8ft , however the listening area is aprox 10ft from the ... 
The best CD-R for professional burner
Thanks guys!I went for the Alesis Masterlink (SWEET!), and after lots of research and digging I got it for 899$ with free shipping!!! at BPM Music (, these guys are great to deal with and very responsive to your e-mails. And, as I see... 
Looking for musical A/V receiver
Before I moved up to the "high end stuff" I had a Marantz SR-7000 and it was great! I belive you can find them now for 700.00 or so. Lately I've also been hearing great things about the Denon stuff. 
Power Cord Review
Where is the review, is it still being conducted? 
Bummer ELCO digital cable
UPDATE- The cable sounds sooooo much better than it did before. I'm happy again! Thanks for the feedback. 
Power Cord Review
When is this review going to be published?