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What are the best looking power cables?
You need to get outside!!! 
need help with purchase
Marantz SR7000(799.00) or SR8000(900.00) both are highly reguarded as great quality and major bang for the buck! Check out the great reviews the SR7000 has gotten over the past year. 
Best Value Speakers??
As I have stated before, Cambridge Soundworks Newton T300 are really nice. I've had them for two months and they sound so good! Read the thread I started for feedback (not too much yet.) 
Arthur Salvatore WoW comments??
I'm sorry, but this guys needs a LIFE! Yes he knows what hes talking about,.... but DAMN(!) he takes all the fun out of audio. He seems like one of those "retro guys" who insist that all things old are better than anything new. I picture him wakin... 
Headphone amp for Sennheiser HD600
Yes, check out I got a sweet deal on a pair of HD600's and a Musical Fidelity "X CAN" tube amp as a package deal. I cant remember what I paid, I think it was around 500.00 for the set. Call to get the deal. 
Sunfire Theater Grand ll
Thanks guys that was great feedback! 
Best DAC around 1,000
Get a new CD Player W/digital out(600.00) and the MSB Link DAC3 (360.00)Later you can upgrade the DAC in many different ways. 
MSB Platinum Link vs. Altis Reference
Go for the MSB, its a beautiful thing. The people at MSB know what the're doing. I just went to their headquarters in La Honda to pick up my DAC(The place is a trip!) they all seem very into what they do. 
MSB link III upsample upgrade worth it?
I've had the MSB Link DAC 3 w/ upsample for a month now. It brings more detail to the sound, you will hear things you did not notice in music you thought you knew. The price is worth the upgrade. Dont forget it takes about 100 hrs. to burn in. 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
No joke, growing up in a rich neighborhood in the 80's where all my friends had set ups with names like Mcintosh, Nakamichi,B&W,Thorens etc... I remember the first time I sat down if front of huge B&W monitors and Nakamichi Dragon "everyth... 
5 ch. amps--Parasound; Rotel; Marantz
I have a Marantz MM9000 5ch Amp. After a break-in period it is very nice for movies and also good with music. I noticed that someone commented that all things Marantz sounded "BAD"... I think he may have "BAD" ears!!! I'm not saying Marantz is the...