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Krell HTS vs Proceed AVP
I've heard that Sunfire has a new Theater Grand model coming out soon. I know this is not as expensive as Krell or Proceed (sorry) but I have the Theater Grand 2 and its very nice. It also has 6ch balanced outputs, and sounds great in 2ch stereo. ... 
Great Percussion Recordings
ART BLAKEY, RITUAL! This recording is beautiful, forget about the fact that its not the most clean sounding, if you like(love) drums... you will appreciate this recording.P.S- I know many of you already know this, I just thought I'd post it for th... 
Any Dacs compatible with cd players ?
MSB Link DAC III works great with my transport. These guys do great work!!! 
How can power cords make a difference?
Albertporter. I dont know that people who buy Krell or any other super high end componet would have a problem with seeing a nice fat cord included with their hardware. I dont see many people saying that these aftermarket cords "hurt" performance; ... 
How can power cords make a difference?
Holy crap this issue again!? Don't you think that if power cords made a difference then huge dollar equipment makers would include them with their product? Don't tell me that "frickin" KRELL would be concerned with cost cutting and save margin by ... 
Stereophile "coverage"
Its funny you mention the fact that these guys favor certain companies. I'm a big Sunfire fan, and I know that for the money, they put out a great product. So I did a search for reviews in their magazine... not one review! I also noticed that Sunf... 
Hate to ask......
I did'nt read all these responses, but has anyone realized that HT has opened the eyes of many WHO WOULD HAVE NEVER FOUND 2CH NIRVANA AT ALL? I feel that HT has helped two channel audio, not kill it. In this post I'm reading about some really impr... 
Break in period for power conditioners ?
Hmmmmm.. sounds like a good idea... thanks. 
Sunfire Theater Grand ll
For what its worth, I got the Sunfire TGP2 and I LOVE IT! It has great 2ch sound, very clean and warm with beautiful depth. I am using am MSB Link DAC3 w/ upsample chip from my Marantz 6000OSE CD transport which was definatly better than running t... 
Break in period for power conditioners ?
Hey Audiogod....SHUT UP! 
Break in period for power conditioners ?
Yes, I have the HTS5000 and it took some time to break in. In fact I was pissed at what it did to my receiver at first (thin and harsh sound), but it warmed up after aprox. 100hrs. 
Forget Expensive Gel Absorbers
I have to admit your "ACE is the place" comment made me bust up! I chilled, sorry if I seemed angry. I just feel these things did a good job at isolating my equipment. 
Forget Expensive Gel Absorbers
Hey David99 these are not hard plastic and I'm not a moron! Check out the specific part number I listed, and if you think the rubber AudioQuest uses is "special".. fine keep waisting your money. Dont keep other from checking something out for them... 
Forget Expensive Gel Absorbers
A sick puppy with extra cash! 
Best vibration tweaks
Check my post "FORGET EXPENSIVE GEL ABSORBERS" right above your post.