Good but FLEXIBLE Interconnects


My gear is in an armoire and there isn't a great deal of room behind the equipment. I am interested in experimenting with some new interconnects but in looking at some of them I think the shielding adn ins some cases the extra wrapping around the RCA's would preclude me using them as they would stick out too far from the back of the equipment.

I am using Kimbers now and there is no issue as they are unshielded etc. But I'm getting the itch to experiment and looking for some recomendations from those here on which cables are good but are flexible enough to meet my needs. Nordost would appear to be one such selection but I'm open to hearing of others.


If silver is on your list, try Homegrown Audio; they are not shielded by sound very nice and they are VERY flexible. Same is true for Mapleshade, I believe.
For flexibility, look at Audience Au24, Maestro, or even the Conductor line. Extremely flexible and the Au24's have been compared to the Valhallas for only a fraction of the price.

Acoustic Zen Matrix MKIIs
Music Metre cables. Using the Signature and III's and getting fine results in one of my systems.
I also like the Audience AU-24's. Both the speaker cable and the interconnect are very thn & flexible and both sound very nice.
I agree with the Homegrown IC's, I just made the Super Silver's via their kit. Very flexible as the wire is a 3 wire braid.

Your correct the Audience cables are flexible. But be very careful. These cables are made of single crystal copper. Like other OHNO cables, bending and twisting beyond some point will damage the crystaline structure.
85% of the best sounding cables are stiff as hell, (think think... it's so true) Kimber silver wires, Audio Note silver wires are good yet very flexible.