Good budget cables?

I've recently upgraded my stereo setup with a few new components, Mcintosh MC252 & MX119. I'm looking for some good budget cables. I'll need a phono cable, xlr interconnects, rca interconnects and speaker cable. I don't want to spend more than 60-80 per pair of interconnects and 200 for the speaker cables. Any advice would be appreciated.

So far my research has pointed me towards River Cable & Cobalt Cable. Does anyone have experience with either of these or have any other suggestions.

In your research, have you searched the Audiogon threads? They are rich with the info you seek.
Paul Spelts Anti cables....Used are even cheaper..Good stuff cheap!
I have searched through some threads, I will look more. Thanks
Clear Day Speaker Cables are a must. He advertises here

Morrow makes really good ICs and power cords. He also advertises here
there is so much on this on aa, or ac. But off the top of my head signal cable, element or reality cables
I find Signal Cable tough to beat. Very decent sound for reasonable $s. Excellent construction.
Oritek--almost beat out my Valhallas

Any of the American Recorder Technology interconnects sold by KAB Electro Acoustics far outperform Signal Cable, IMO.

Ranging in price from $11 - $90 per meter. I use the $22/meter Blues in one application.
A little more expensive than you're looking for but worth the difference...check out White Zombie on eBay...really good sounding silver ic's in rca and balanced.