Good value for money speaker cables around $200

Hi everyone,

Im currently using Belkin silver pure av cable on my full range floorstanding speakers, and want to try something potentially better. In the $200 range, Ive narrowed it down to Nordost flatlines, AQ rockett 33 or 44, Clear Day shotguns, Morrows sp2, and maybe some Kimber thing. Unfortunately I cant go and listen to these and compare them since where I live theyre not available, so was hoping to hear from folks who have had a chance to compare these different cables either at home or in stores. I shld add that my amp is a ss integrated, and I listen mostly to vinyl on a debut iii at the moment. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciates, especially if you have some or alot of experience w any of these cables, or if theres something worth looking at that Ive missed. Thanks in advance,

people are going to want to know the model of your speakers and amps ...

you can also check with the speaker manufacturer and see what cable is used internally

Are you familiar with The Cable Company?
I've got some Signal Cable Silver Resolution listed but if you want a money-back guarantee, buy directly from their website (and pay more, of course:).

I think Signals are a great value and great to deal with.
Kimber 8PR
I have been in your position before. First, is your system laid back or up front? Is your preference either of these? I find that the speaker wires should be at least 8' long and my tastes go to solid 99% pure Ox free copper wire. I have had had stranded copper and solid silver wires and I always have found them too bright with the type of up front speakers I have. If I were you I would address these issues first.
AQ Rockett 33
Audio Art SC-5

Both excellent cables.
Cant get much!!
+1 on the AQ Rocket 33's. These are the cables I use and find them to be excellent for the money. I hope you get additional meaningful answers from users of the other brands you sited. Good luck in your search.
I've tried them all ,except the cleardays, and have found the Audio Art SC-5 to be better, more neutral and, which is not common, to sound decent on any speaker.
I haven't listened to the Clear Day shotgun but I did listen to a pair of the Clear Day Double Shotgun on my system for about two weeks. At $450 for an 8 ft pair you can't go wrong.

The Clear Day cables I auditioned belong to my Son. After listening to the cables for about a week or so I then A/B compared them to my Audioquest Sterling 3 cables. Sad but true the Clear Day Double Shotgun did a slightly better job on upper frequencies, cleaner, and I noticed the Clear Day cables responded quicker to changes in the music material being played.

Equipment used for addition.
ARCAM Alpha 9 CDP (Power cord, Kimber Kable PK 10 Gold) Also (PS Audio Plus)
External DAC, Cambridge DacMagic
Sonic Frontiers Line 1 preamp (Tubes, center row Siemens early 60s all gray plate 7308/E188CC branded RCA. Back row, early 60s white label USA Amperex PQ 6922)
ARC VT 50 amp (Power tubes, SV6550 SED “WINGED C 6550C)
ICs AQ Diamond X2, (single ended)
Speaker cables AQ Sterling 3 (8ft pair)
Speakers ProAc Studio 200

I bet Clear Day would send you both pairs, Shotgun and Double Shotgun to audition. You would just have to pay shipping on the returned pair.

Clear Day Cables

Disclaimer I am not affiliated with Clear Day Cables in any way.
EDIT to my previous post.
Quote from Clear Day Cable web site.
If you are in the market for $1000+ cables, but wish to spend much less, you owe it to yourself to audition my cables side-by-side. Try my cables for 30 days (you won't need that long), if you are not 100% convinced that Clear Day Cables have made your system sound better than ever, simply return them for a full refund.
How long a run you need needs to be addressed as well.
Tortilladc, ... I own Kimber 8PRs. They seem to work fine, so I'm not complaining. Just curious about your recommendation because I bought my Kimbers out of sheer ignorance based on a dealer's advice.

So ... what is the basis for your recommendation? Seems like as is the case with pretty much every other audio component, folks have strong opinions about cabling.


Thanks all for your replies so far. Here are the speakers I own,
And Im using their amp, aa max 150, a 55 wpc integrated a/b class ss. My speaker runs are 10 ft. Another cable maker Im seriously considering is DNM, any thoughts? Thanks,

Audioquest Type 4 is great cheap cable
btw Duster over at AA seems to be very knowledgeable and he wrote this:
In your price range; this would be hard to beat: (
Thanks, Rodman, but Im overseas and the seller will only ship US. But I take it you mean kimber 8tc generally, in which case could you say a little more about what you like about it compared to similarly priced cables?
DNM is a fine choice, Like SC-5 sounds good in any system.
What about older higher end models, like aq k2 flatrock or kk 8tc? They seem to only have them in 8ft runs though, for some reason. My cables are 12 ft long, fwiw.
Schubert, in my case, would you get the dnm resolution or precision? My speakers claim 90db sensitivity, and my amp 55wpc. Thanks.
Do these 8 tc s look legit to you?
I bought a pair of used AQ Type 8s that are a well designed grouping of 8 spiraled solid core conductors made of AQs highest quality copper, and they sound amazing. I've scored a lot of great cables here and there for a fraction of what they, or anything else similar in quality, would cost.
I would not bother with Kimber 8tc myself

I doubt they beat the AQ type 4

but I did not hear them on the same system so I am guessing
Mr G- There have been a ton of counterfeit cables coming
of China. I wouldn't take a chance, ordering anything from
them. Kimber's 8TC has been around for some time, has been
updated recently, has and still performs beyond more costly
cables. ( ( ( (
Radio Shack.
Gbb. I guess I would get Precision if I wasn't planing on changing speakers any time soon.
I own both types , never heard much difference but my ears are elderly like the rest of me.
Gbb, I have done a comparison of the clear day double shotgun with my Acoustic Zen Satori cables. I thought they were very, very similar to Acoustic Zen cables and I could easily use them in place of the Satori's. I don't think you could go wrong with the clear days.
Ebm: which model rs?
Thanks Goose, Im guessing the Zen are significantly more expensive?

As a more general matter, would you all say you look at cables as onthe same level as one more component, or rather a kind of fine tuning mechanism once youve settled on your primary components?
Just looked upthe satori, thrice as much roughly! Why dont you switch goose?

On a reated matter, what are you guys listening to right now? Myself, right now its cowboy junkies double live cd, and just before Bebo and Cigala's Lagrimas Negras.

Gbb, I already had the Satori's in the system and was looking for something "better".
Gbb, with that music just buy the cheapest.
As was previously suggested, you need to try different options, the Cable Company being an excellent way to do this before making the final purchase. Get some of the suggested cables from them to compare, and while you're at it, be sure to swap out some lamp cord, some heavier stranded copper bulk speaker cable (probably 14 gauge from Monster Cable) as well as 12 or 14 gauge solid copper Romex from Home Depot and decide if the more exotic (expensive) choices are worth it to you. These is plenty of snake oil out there!
Im leaning towards clear days for speaker cables, only hesitating because, being overseas, I cant try em out but have to commit. And so am wondering if there are any others out there running pauls cables w ss gear, and whether silver's alleged lack of warmth manifests itself especially strongly w ss gear.
Also, Paul recommended matching speaker sensitivity to strand density, sothe lower your sensitivity, the more strands he suggests you use. I was wondering what sensitivity speakers folks are running w whch type of Pauls cables, and whether you had a chance to compare the different types on your system. My speakers are 90db sensitive, and am thinking of getting pauls shotguns, as the doubles are too expensive for me right now. Thanks,

Thanks tw, but being overseas means I cant use their lending library, so am forced to buy blind/deaf, hence all my questions.
I shld also mention I listen mostly to classical and jazz, i.e. acoustic instruments recorded live, so am curious how copper vs silver in a ss system match up in that respect.
I also have AZ Satori shotgun biwires in my system and they haven't left after 12 years and several competitors. If Goose thinks they're comparable I would take that as high praise indeed for the Clear Days at this price level. The Satoris are obviously not the best cables extant, but they do a lot right and sound very natural so very unlikely to offend in any area. I know nothing about Clear Day cables though. Best of luck.