how much equip. does the average audiophile have in his possesion???i have 2 amps 2 preamps one tuner 2 cd players 1 turntable 3 pairs of speakers1 tape deck and 2 processors!just curious?
WAY too much to think about. I have over 20 amplifiers, almost a dozen pre's, several DAC's ( tube & SS ), a couple of transports, several CD players ( tubes and SS ), over a dozen sets of speakers, about 8 tuners, etc.. I think that you get the idea. While you can never have enough, i'm working on having too much : ) Sean
My lord, I was feeling bad since I wanted to hold onto my older speakers when I upgraded.
Jesus H. Christ!!!! Sean, you got some stuff. I hate my CD setup wanna sell anything? Doug
AMPZILLA747 - Its not about the quanity its about quality. I only have a Amplifier and cd player and 1 pair of speakers. You can 20 amps but if they are all adcom rotel & b&k whats the use? Is it just to say they have them? The above gear isnt junk but its entry level gear it is good for what it does. I own all Levinson gear and thats what I meant when I said I would take quality over quanity.
i know its not about qauntity,and i know its all about qaulity!!!thats not the thread topic however!just a fun question,you damn millionaires!
and besides screw levinson,not worth the money,absolutely positively,rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!
Sean, you really should consider opening an audio shop or having a going out of business sale, about the sale please send me a notice, I'm always looking for something I don't need but just want.

for me: 1 cd player, dvd player, 6 speakers, tape player, 3 amps, 1 pre.
3 CDP - 3 pres - 6 amps - 2 integrated - 2 recievers - 3 headphones - 10 speakers - 5 subs. WAAAAYYYY too much
you can never have too much!
4 amps, 1 HT receiver, 1 processor, 3 laser disc players, 3 DVD players, 3 CD players, 2 turntables, 3 TVs, 6 tuners (I collect the old ones), 2 preamps, 6 pr speakers, 3 subs, 3 VCRs, 2 tape decks, all more or less in use in different systems. Mucho debt.
Last time I posted my all goodies there was quite a reaction *L* I don't have anything that's not used though, I just happen to have a lot of systems spread out. I'm glad to see others accumulate stuff, I don't feel quite so bizarre now. Jeff
Pre-amp, power amp, integrated, 3 receivers(one the MD-208), tuner, 2 tape decks, turntable, 3 sets of speakers, 2 CD players, various(read many)wires, 3 power conditioner units, remotes that don't even work on any of the above, 2 damn cats, and (thank god) only 1 TV...which may be one too many.
Hmmm, My TV sits in my bedroom unplugged on its side!

I just have four speakers, selling two to a friend, and one cd player and one integrated amp.... I live in DC, I don't even have room for what I own!

To appease the "snooty" folks here, my collection of amps does not include any of the above mentioned names except for B & K. Even if i did have the some of the other products that were mentioned and i was happy with them, i would have NO need to feel embarrassed by any means. Everyone has different tastes and goals. Since there is NO way to reproduce a live event in your listening room, brand names become trivial except for those more worried about prestige instead of performance.

As for the specific model of B & K amps that i own, they are modified M-200 monoblocks. In case someone was not familiar with them, they are capable of 150 amps of current per channel from the factory. This puts MOST big dollar amps to shame, regardless of name or price. The big Krell's are an exception to this comment.

In terms of overall performance, ANY amp is limited by the power supply, circuit design and mass produced parts quality used within. Very few components use custom designed output devices, capacitors, etc... As such, they are limited to off the shelf parts in most cases. Given that fact, you can take a basic component with a sturdy foundation and make it BETTER than anything that you can buy at four+ times the price with a little effort and soldering.

The other option that someone has if one has more money than time, knowledge or skills is that you can pay your way to the top. The only problem with this is that it takes TALL cash to buy your way to the top. Even with the means to do this, you might end up with a lot of hype, fancy names or gutless wonders in a fancy package. There is a LOT of overhead, profit margin and extra expenses built into most "hi-end" products as you are all aware. On top of that, i am more worried about performance than i am having a faceplate that is contoured and 2" thick. Put the money where it counts.

There is also another reason why i have so many components. I, like many others here, have several different types of systems set-up throughout the house. In my specific situation, each has its' own "flavour" and has different strong points. As such, i am not limited by one "sound" or "take" on what something "should" sound like. On top of that, i like to have a few "spares". Anyone that has ever built a few systems knows that it takes quite a bit of "swapping" and "trial & error" to find what works best together in terms of system synergy. Having multiple pieces to choose from at any point in time has GREATLY aided me in setting things up AND taught me a whole bunch along the way.

Sorry for the "ranting", but i felt the need to respond. There are those people with "cash" and "elegance". These people don't feel the need to belittle anyone, in fact they go out of their way to help others. I think that we all know who these folks are. While i hate to single him out or use anyone as an example, i think that Albert would not mind me paying him a compliment in this manner. On the other side of the coin, there are those that have "flash" and "ignorance". These folks feel the need to flaunt their possessions and brand names while offering little more than a condescending attitude. I think that i need not name any names on this one. The evidence has been presented abundantly in the past.

Me ? I'm just a workin' stiff. 50 - 55 hours a week and bills to pay. As such, i guess i'm doomed to listen to "lo-fi" for the rest of my life. Oh well, at least i'm in good company : ) Sean
No such thing as lo-fi....just music lovers.
Hi Sean. I gave you +s for your input- very good!! Now; a quote from that Chinese philosopher- : "man with a good watch always knows what time it is,/ man with 2 watches; never quite sure.
I have a main system and a smaller integrated based 2nd
system. I almost never listen to 2nd system, but it is very useful for breaking in cables/equipment, keeps from tying up main system during these times

Also useful when diagnosing any problems with main system,
you can remove suspect items and replace with 2nd system
items to quickly trace source of problem.
Hey Sean. Whatever works for you. I have an integrated, a cd player and one set of speakers. My family and friends think I'm nuts with this stuff. It keeps me off the streets!
My approach is much like Megasam's, ie two systems, and I swap between them. Although not too long ago I owned 5 CD players/transports. I also have 4 amps, but they are pairs. I'd probably collect equipment like Sean, but don't have the storage space. Cheers. Craig