New gear from Parasound???

I keep hearing rumors of new equipment from Parasound but nothing has appeared on their website. Can anyone fill me in?
I've heard of one "big ass" amp that the people at CTC (makers of the Blowtorch gear)have designed for Parasound and is reported to be arriving some time in the future( a couple of months??). If this is the particular product you are talking about then contact R. Crump at TG Audio as he is one of the designers of the CTC gear.
Yeah, that's the JC-1 (odd choice of name given the old JC-2 that Curl designed for Levinson). That got some attention at CES and has been talked about a bit.

There's also an elusive rumor about an update to the 2500U processor, which is getting long in the tooth, especially in video handling capability.